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Korea's Natural Resources

No description

Jamie MacPhie

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Korea's Natural Resources

Korea's Natural Resources! 1) Does Korea have good agriculture land in both North and South Korea? Is the climate likely to help agriculture for home use? For export? Korea does not have very good acriculture. In North Korea, the land is 18% arable. In South Korea, only 22% of the land is arable. Korea is mostly mountains and the weather always varies, so it is hard for Korea to have good agriculture. Korea's climate does not help their agriculture. The best time for Korea to grow crops is in the Spring. Other seasons are often to rainy, too hot, or extremely cold, especially in the winter 2) What mineral resources does Korea have? Are they easy to get at? Korea is rich in mineral resources. Most of their resources are prodced form mining. They produce minerals such as gold, silver, coal, lead, zinc, copper, salt and iron. They produce the basic metallic minerals It is easy to accumulate the minerals in the northern part of Korea, and harder to get minerals in the south. 3) Does Korea have adequate forests? Is deforestation an issue? Yes. Korea has many lush forests. Most of the forests are located in South Korea. 65% of Korea is surrounded by forests. Deforestation is an issue in Korea. As I mentioned earlier, Korea has weak agriculture, and so they cut down their trees to make room for rich land in which they will grow their crops on. Bibliographies for question #1 http://countrystudies.us/north-korea/49.htm


http://user.chollian.net/~jis0523/korea-climate.htm Bibliographies for question # 2 http://search.datapages.com/data/open/offer.do?target=%2Fspecpubs%2Fmineral1%2Fdata%2Fa175%2Fa175%2F0001%2F0400%2F0440.htm


Bibliographies for Question # 3




Since Korea's does not have sufficent agriculture, they do not have enough food to export, as well as feed their country. They mostlty export their mineral resources, for they do not produce enough agriculture. 4) Does Korea have enough water for its population? How can water be used for navigation? There is enough water provided for the people in Korea for now, but reshearchers say that the percentage of the water quality is getting worse as the years go by. The poor quality of the water went from 3.6% in 2003 to 6.3% in 2006. One of the many possible reasons that this is happening is because of people throwing all the trash into the sea or the rivers.
Water can be used for navigation in Korea because water is 3/4 of Korea. It would be easy to enter or leave Kroea by boat. Hydroelectricity is how water can be used to generate electricity. Bingo. Korea is surrounded by water, there for making it easy to produce elctricity by the flow of water. Biblographies for Question # 4



http://www.wepa-db.net/policies/state/southkorea/southkorea.htm 5) What resources do the seas around Korea provide?
Korea is surrounded by the Yellow Sea, South Sea, Korea Strait and the East Sea. Most of countries that are peninsulas get plenty of marine life fish. The East Sea, the resources it provides are endless supplies of fish. The East Sea is also now one of the four world's biggest fish tank. However, the downside of the increasing supply of fish is that it is hurting the sea and polluting it. The money the Koreans are making from the fish industries can help them import goods from other nearby countries Bibliographies for question # 5

http://www.eoearth.org/article/Yellow_Sea_large_marine_ecosystem 6) How would you evaluate the geographic resource of Korea? Does Korea have adequate resources for survival? Does it need outside resources to survive? Explain. Korea benefits a lot, since they are mostly surrounded by water. It gives them constant access to marine life. It also made them one of the prime countries involved in the fish industries. Korea does have adequate resources for survival. However it is hard for them to access their resources. As well, they still need outside resources to supple their country. Bibliographies for Question # 6

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