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Writing Anxiety

overcome fear, build confidence, and unleash your potential

Paul Whiteford

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Writing Anxiety

Writing Anxiety: Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, and Unleash Your Potential
Find a "writing buddy" or classmate to review your material.
Take breaks often and relax.
Don't strive for perfection ("first draft is final draft").
Understand that writing is a process.
The Writing Process
Remember to:
exceed expectations.
practice writing daily.
ask for help or suggestions.
accept constructive criticism.
B.O.R.E. Method
Brainstorm or Freewrite (Invent)
Outline (Organize)
Revise (Draft)
Edit (Proof)
Brainstorming v. Freewriting
FREEWRITING IS A CONTINUOUS FLOW OF WORDS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE ERORS BUT THERE IS no stopping for corrections of lack of thoughts or information even punctuation is or lack thereof; is not considered in this process..just keep writing, and righting, and riting until you have reached a predetermined amount of time and then you may pull out all the relevant information. This MAY GENERATE TOPICS OR MAIN IDEAS
a process to develop ideas that relate to your thesis, topic, or subject (more defined than freewriting, but still unstructured)
Another technique is Clustering or the grouping of ideas to organize your thesis (e.g. - webs, "chunking",
lists with symbols)

Time to Organize
make "sense" of your ideas
establish chronology
create an introduction, body, and conclusion
insert supporting statements, refutations, details, references, and/or evidence (requirements will vary based on the type of assignment)
review your writing continuously
ask others to read and proof your work
read over your papers multiple times before submission
use the spelling/grammar check features on your word processing program
You Must Write On and On.
Right On?
Causes of Writing Anxiety
1. different writing style is required (research papers instead of poetry)
2. highly critical audience (i.e. - instructors or colleagues)
3. deadlines
4. past history in writing/English classes
5. misunderstanding the assignment

Craig Wynne - University of Texas at El Paso: Writing Center, August 2010
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