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Recruitment 2015

No description

Carol-Lynn Shelby

on 22 August 2015

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Transcript of Recruitment 2015

Show the PNM's why they should choose Alpha Gam. Sell yourself, sell your sisters.
Ensure that you are representing Alpha Gam in every conversation that you have.
Make everyone feel at home.
We want to STAND OUT.
Today's Agenda
Group Activities
Recruitment Theme/ Outfits/ Shirts
Important Dates
Ice Breaker
Songs & Chants!
PNMs & Convo
Common Excuses
How can we counter those?
What can we say to them?

What do you think our brand is?



Driving example...
Things to Avoid
During Conversations
Recruitment Training School Make Up 2015
Sisterhood Night
Philanthropy Night
Recruitment Shirts
Important Facts to have Memorized
Preference Night
Madhatter Tea Party
This day is focused on SISTERHOOD & what it would be like to be an Alpha Gamma Delta.

This day is where we are able to showcase our personalities.

Talk about Alpha Gam & what it your sisters mean to you. Dig deep, don't be generic.

Come into this day prepared for...
Any funny stories from when you went through recruitment.
Did Alpha Gam stand out to you the first day, why?
What are some memories that your share with sisters that would showcase Alpha Gam's personality?

During the slideshow, feel free to slip in a few comments about the pictures and videos to make the PNM feel included.

**This is the PNM's first impression of Alpha Gam, and they ALL TALK. You must be on your A-game every round, even the last!

This day is focused on Alpha Gam's Philanthropies, The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.

Philantrhopy Chair would you like to elaborate on these more?

Remember, although we do a lot for our two philanthropies we also participate in community service work.
Trash Pick-Up
Foster Home
Canned food/toy/basic needs drives

On this night our Executive Council will go around and discuss scholarship & financial needs with the PNM's.


This is the night where we are focused on making everyone feel special. If they are in our room on this night it is because they should be there.

Examples on what to say to your PNM
Do you have any concerns about making a decision?
I'm really glad you're back!

Helpful tips for the PNM
Every girl ends up where they belong, don't stress it will all work out!
Go with how you are feeling, don't let anyone persuade you.

Make the PNM feel like they can trust you & put faith in you.

Remember, this is the LAST impression that you will have on them. Although you CANNOT promise them a bid, things you can say to let them know we really want them.
"I hope I can call you my sister tomorrow..
Ect: Any other examples?
Red, Buff, Green

The Purpose
Scholarship Requirements

The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation
National Diabetes Foundation
What is the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation
Diabetes Foundation
Picnic Basket Auction: Raises over $10,000
Jewel Chapter
The 6 B's
Important Dates
Thank you! Go take a break then head to the Org. Fair at 1:00pm!
Recruitment September
4: Sisterhood Night
5: Philanthropy Night
6: Prefence Night
7: Bid Day! Get our new squirrels!
Polish Week
August 25, 26, 27

Social Media
Dirty Rushing
Panhell Rules

Madhatter Teaparty.
Whimsical Vintage.
What to Wear
Red, Buff or Green Scallop Dress
You can wear a cardigan
Nude Heels
Hair down straight/ curly
Natural Make-Up
Nails: Nude, French, Red
What to Wear
Appropiate Black Dress
Red Heels
Hair down straight/ curly
(can be up nicely this night)
Natural Make-Up
Nails: Nude, French, Red
Name tag
Why is Recruitment Important?
Important Stuff
What to Wear
Green Top
Dark Denim Jeans
Hair down straight/ curly
Natural Make-Up
Nails: Nude, French, Red
Name tag
Beauty in the Beast Roses
Whimsical Vintage.
Have not been passed by EC yet but will hopefully be presented on Monday.
More Activities!
10 Things Every Alpha Gam Should Know
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