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Migration and Hibernation

Geese, Bats, Hedgehog

Laura Bombala

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Migration and Hibernation

Geese, Bats and Hedgehogs Migration and Hibernation Canadian Goose When bats are left alone, they can be some of the longest hibernators.
In the wild, big brown bats have spent 64-66 days in hibernation while in captivity one lasted an incredible 344 days!
These bats don’t have to eat but they do wake up to drink.
Their heart rate drops from 1000 beats per minute to only 25 and some bats only take a breath every 2 hours.
To hibernate they stay in caves and well, hibernate by roosting. Short Documentary European Hedgehog BROWN BAT Hedgehogs :) Hedgehogs are some the most deepest hibernators around. Hedgehogs breathe so little, while in hibernation, that it is hardly noticeable.

Hedgehogs have special cells that release heat 20 times faster than a normal organism, thus making them more vulnerable to the cold.

Hedgehogs generally hibernate for the whole winter. Hedgehogs are found throughout Asia, Africa and Europe, but only the species in Asia and Europe actually hibernate because these regions tend to get colder.

There size is relative to a teacup and they like to prey on small creatures like, frogs, worms, insects, mice and snakes.

Hedgehogs like to forage through hedges and undergrowth and tend to emit a grunting like sound, hence the name “Hedgehog”. Hedgehogs
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