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Prosecution of Inequality

No description

Eric Gao

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Prosecution of Inequality

thisineq this
Racial Divisions
Gender Inequality
-With social inequality comes income inequality
The consequences are of this are shown with the level of incomes dropping across the US
With this, the economy of the country and the world will drop
Leading to poorer people and lives

Side A
Side B
Inequality In Civilization has made Life Worse
Eric Gao, Amodh Vyas, Ryan Wong, Bryan Nguyen
-Men and women treated unequally.
1. Workplace: Women earn only 77 cents per dollar that men make, even though they have caught up to men in education.

2. Agricultural Societies: Most men made the women do all the work. A lot of men would do the easier job while they made the women to the hard work.

Racism in America.
-Slavery during around 1840-1865.

-After slavery, racism during the 1960s.

-Racism also caused unfairness in education. White people were usually the ones that were much better off than African Americans in their wealth and lives because of education

-Unfairness in races, one race is more superior than the other.

-Religious inequality causes people thinking some religions are better than others

-This causes ignorance and persecution

-Certain groups are at severe disadvantages.
-For example, the Jews during the Holocaust.


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- Inequality against same sex couples is also

present in today's society

-Leading to more people being depressed, more

suicides and even more persecution.

-This all relates to unfair opportunity and


-Political inequality leads to minority groups not

having a voice, as legislators choose their

voters, and these are rarely minorities, in the

United States.

-There are also countries that contain

dictatorships, which means almost no one has a


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