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The Hungry Games By Dylan Millman

This is a review of what I read so far

Dylan Millman

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of The Hungry Games By Dylan Millman

The Hungry Games Author Susanne Collins Published
October 2008 Genre Dystopian Summary
There`s this girl named Katniss and she is16 years old. She lives in district12 because there are 12 districts. Her district is meant for mining and her dad was a miner. He died when she was 12. Her family has been poor until she broke the law by hunting passed the fence. But the capitol, the leaders of the districts haven't found out. She hunts with a guy named Gale. The reaping was coming up. The reaping is when a man and woman gets chosen to go in the hungry games then they fight to the death. Prim gets chosen and Katniss volunteers as tribute. The man that gets chosen is Peta Mallark and Katniss remembers when he got beat by his mom and then gave her bread since he is a baker. District 12
Capital The hungry games is coming up and Katniss`s sister Prim
got chosen. Katniss volunteers for the
tribute. Katniss Everdeen is one of the main characters in the book. Shes 16 years old. Shes brave for what she did, Smart to hunt for food, strong hunter, strong physically. Katniss is funny but shes just being herself. She likes to hunt with her friend Gale because she can do anything she feels like. Katniss is not a fan of the capital so she says not the nicest things in the woods. Katniss has a poor family until she did the right thing, hunting because her mother didn't really do much since her husband died. Sept 21 2012 Gale Peta Peta Mallark is the other main character in the book. Hes strong because his job requires lots of strength carrying the bags of flour. Generous for giving Katniss bread when she had nothing to eat. Smart to start getting sponsors already before the meeting. Peta is really generous to everyone even if there not that nice to him. Peta likes to bake things like bread and more. Peta was never really that poor he did have a mean mother and had to bake in his spare time but that was it. Peta really isn't that mean he is more on the nice side. Katniss Everdeen 3 items that are important
to katniss

1 The mocking jay pin because
its from her district.

2 Her bow because its her best weapon
for hunting.

3 Prim because shes her sister and
they love each other. 3 items that are important
to Peta

1 His baking skills because its
like a hobby to him.

2 His generous feelings because
everyone's nice to him.

3 His artist skills because I am guessing
he will use them to survive. My opinion about the book is that Susanne Collins cant improve because its just so good. You just cant change it because kids my age just love this book by all the action in it.
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