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Zulu People

No description

Dishante Brown

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Zulu People

Zulu People
Dishante Brown
Ryan B1 Nonmaterial Culture Non Material Culture Norms Symbols Works Cited Language Values Con't Values Beadwork Clothing Material Culture Interpretation of Beads:
White: Love
Black: Mourning, loneliness and disappointment
Pink: Poverty
Green: Lovesickness or jealousy
Blue: Loyalty
Red: Tears and desire
Yellow: Wealth
Striped beads: Doubt
Zulus design their beadwork in wonderful geometrical patterns and designs, which one could be forgiven for thinking they were made using mathematics and geometry. Bracelets, headbands, necklaces and embroidered miniskirts are decorated with beads, but they also fulfil another purpose, they convey messages. Men: Traditional dress consists of animal skin; type of skin determines status of the man.

Women: Depending on the stage of the woman (single, engaged, married) determines the amount of clothing she wears; the older and married, the more they cover. The Zulu language is classified as a dialect of Nguni.
The word Zulu means "sky,"which is why they're often referred to as "the people of heaven." Respect
- from a young age children are taught to respect married men or women.
- any one in the community can discipline the children Witchcraft
-Traditional Zulus believed that all disease, misfortune and unexplained deaths were brought on by witchcraft. A sangoma would be consulted and the evil doer (umthakathi) would be ferreted out and would be killed which led to many deaths, some perhaps wrongful. Religion The Zulu people have a strong belief in the potency of their ancestors uMvelingqangi (a male god responsible for all life), uNomkhubulwano (a female god who provides food security, particularly through good harvests), and a god for the control of weather, particularly thunder. Handshakes
Food Walking Beer drinking Seating Order Sitting Clothing Thunderstorms http://www.eshowe.com/article/articlestatic/65/1/13/ http://zulu-culture.co.za/zulu_clothing.php
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