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No description

Lindsay Neel

on 12 February 2013

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Artist Inspiration: Alexander Calder WIRE SCULPTURES Using only ONE LINE recreate this famous painting... ANIMAL SYMBOLISM
What do certain animals represent? MATERIALS
SAFETY TIPS Animal Symbolism Let's focus on... ...from different cultures CHALLENGE: *Never pick up your pencil or erase GO! You have 10
minutes But first, a challenge... WHAT IS A SYMBOL? A symbol is something that represents something else. Do your one-liner portraits look like this???? Materials: Wire, pliers, misc. objects VERY IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE USING THE WIRE OR TOOLS INAPPROPRATELY YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO WORK IN THE MEDIA CENTER RESEARCHING ART ROOM SAFETY AND RESPECT. Safety Tips:
Work slowly and carefully.
Keep a strong grip on the wire.
Do not touch others with the wire in any way.
Only use the pliers for bending or crimping the wire.
Never cut wire.
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