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How to make Cheese Risotto

How to make the perfect Cheese Risotto

al calleo

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of How to make Cheese Risotto

http://prezi.com/_o36du7nrzrq/how-to-make-cheese-risotto/ How to make Cheese Risotto What you'll need A Stove Vegetables Mushrooms Peppers A Half Clove of Garlic One Whole Onion Chicken Broth Arborio
Rice 3 cups of Broth
for every
1 cup of Rice Cheese Asiago Parmesan Preparation Chop your Garlic and Onion Slice your Mushrooms and Peppers Cook your Vegetables Put your diced Onions and Garlic Into a pot
and cook on medium heat until translucent Make sure they are kept at room temperature Add Rice to Onions and Garlic and cook in pot for 60 seconds Add broth to mixture until Rice is fully submerged Keep your
mixture at
a medium boil *Constantly stir risotto while broth is absorbing* Continue adding more Broth until Rice is submerged Cooking the Risotto Continue this process until Risotto is the consistency of oatmeal Add *ROOM TEMPERATURE* Cheese to Risotto and stir until melted. Add cheese according to taste. Add Crushed Pepper for taste Enjoy Pure Cheesy Bliss Add *ROOM TEMPERATURE* Vegetables to Risotto. Zucchini About 1/2 lb each
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