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HIED 8102

No description

Matt Hulett

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of HIED 8102

Graduation/ Retention

Discounting, Tuition Drops

September 13, 2017
Drew lowering the price of its tuition by 20%

$48,336 for 2017-2018
$38,668 for 2018-2019

Merit- based and general discounting
Seton Hall $12,154 from $33,500 (2012)
Lincoln College $16,500 from $26,000 (2011)
University of Charleston $19,55 from $25,500 (2013)
Cabrini College $29,000 from $32,625 (2012)

Moody's Rankings
Falling Endowment

HIED 8102
Oral Report "Drew's Downgrade"

Matthew M. Hulett
Moody's Rankings
Moody’s Investors Service provides bond credit ratings to companies for financial stability. Government, municipal and corporations use their business. Referred to as one of the big three credit rating agencies. Ratings from Ba3 to B2, two others from Ba3 to B3.
Drew's endowment over time

Class Size

Ethnicity and Age range

Gender Balance

Faculty Part & Full Time

Shrinking Demographic and Recruitment
24.5% of 2015 college students did not identify with any religion

More information on websites about respecting all denominations or lack thereof.

Private religiously affiliated universities spend up to $2,232 to attract a single student, public universities $578, and community colleges $118
Worth the cost, when considering net revenue.

Online marketing similar to searches for products to market local, private, religiously affiliated institutions.

Future includes more discounting tuition, increased recruitment and applicants.
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