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Mission: World Cup

Prezi for Kia and World Cup promotion

Ghada Odeh

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Mission: World Cup

Mission: World Cup
Objective 1. Provide Kia with a viral campaign this World Cup Season

11. Target the masses in the UAE It’s not about luck.

It’s not about stamina.

Register today to get a chance to win a ticket to the Final Match of World Cup 2010.

…do you have what it takes?
Sample Script 1. Registration Microsite Challenges First Type - focuses on viral ideas

Second Type - focuses on mobilizing participants 11. Contact Participants Challenges will be sent via SMS and Email:

"your first challenge is to..." Concept Brief Participants will be able to register to win tickets to the FINAL Match of the World Cup.

Once they've registered through a microsite (www.kia-worldcup.ae), they will receive a series of challenges.

The winner will be determined through a point system leading up to the final match. Sample Challenge (VIRAL) Join the Kia Middle East facebook fanpage and invite ALL of your friends to move on to the next challenge and gain 5 points. Sample Challenge (MOBILIZE) You must go to Mall of Emirates wearing the RED Kia t-shirt and head towards Ski Dubai where Kia team will be waiting for you.

Once you've completed this challenge you will receive 10 points. *note - value system is subject to change as challenges get harder promotional plan Throughout the UAE expect up to 20,000 people to register.

If each registrant tells 5 friends, 100,000 will be exposed to this promotion.

Microsite and Challenges will be promoted via:
Online Advertising
Radio Exposure Sampe Challenge (MOBILIZE/VIRAL) Go to Kia Showroom and test drive a Kia (model).

Bring 5 friends with you and you'll get 10 EXTRA points for each friend you bring. Sample Challenge (VIRAL) Take a picture of yourself with KIA written on your forehead.

Upload the picture to the Kia Middle East Facebook fan page and tag your friends in the image.

Once this challenge is completed you will receive 5 points. Point System Viral Challenges - 5 points

Physical Challenges - 10 points
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