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Change Management

No description

Christopher Higgins

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Change Management

Enterprise Change Management
Service Transition
Summer 2013

A Chronicle
Extensive Value to the Business
Consulting Role
Don Larson
Director of IS Operations
Change Management in two Sentences? Possible....?
An IT service management discipline, its objective is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures (Change Controls) are used in order to minimize the amount and impact of any related incidents upon service.

To manage, audit and coordinate simple and complex changes to applications, infrastructure, or any other aspect of services across the IT environment. An effective Change Management process enables changes to be made with minimum disruptions to services.
The process and tool in place to ensure stability for the business in the environment and data focused on business outcome.
Kathy Whitney
Process Manager
Denise Hashek
Process SME/ Team Lead
Scott Christian
ECCB Coordinator
Change Coordinator

Steve Nipko
Quality Check Coordinator
HPSM Release Lead
Change Analyst

Kristie Steinmetz
Operational Review Coordinator
IM Queue Manager
Change Analyst

A methodology to make changes to technologies in a controlled fashion with the goal of maintaining the maximum possible stability of IS systems. It incorporates a system of approvals and coordination, and provides a record of what was changed and the manner in which it was changed, to provide information for troubleshooting, warranty, and business audit.
A process methodology in IT service management that ensures the stability and standardization of IS systems through change controls. With coordination and discipline, changes will achieve minimum disruption of any related service.

Brown, Paul, writ. A Brief Introduction to Change Management .. Hugo Morris , 2011. Film. 21 Jun 2013. <
It is a key source of competitive advantage
with current situation
of what is possible
actions that can be taken towards the vision
Result must be large than R which is


AW Integration
Periodic Review
Related Records
Routine Maintenance
Approval Structure
Focus on Business Risk
Standard Minor
Operational Activities
Configuration Management
Testing Controls
NA option to Risk Matrix
Business Language
OOB Alerts (CM closure)
Measure Successful Outcomes
Business Recovery Plan
Control Mindset
Release Management
Quality Check
SLA Watchlist
Contingency Planning
Approval Tab Breakout
So What's Next?
2013 | 2014

1. Server Build Process
2. Rapid Improvement Event
3. External Vendor Change Tracking
4. Expand Standard Minor Change Types
Internal and External Audits
Quality Check
Operational Reviews
Extension and Exception Reviews
Facilitate High Risk Change Reviews
Facilitate Service Transition Forum
1. Exception & Extension requests
2. Escalation point for CCBC's and Workgroups
3. Assist project teams: Agile development
4. Successful changes - Business Outcomes
5. Work IRM and ERA - Balance of Controls
Full Scope | 4-5 Years
State Audit | Every 5 Years

Change Process Team is primary contact
manage audit to published controls/scope
Respond to process, policy and workgroup questions
Biggest concern is that production changes are recorded, tested and approved before implementation
FTR criteria
Change closure
Pre-authrozied emergency data changes
projects and Support tracking
Unauthorized change tracking
Facilitate Quarterly Reviews
CCBC's review each other
Change Management reviews each domain
Directors involved with final review
Quality Check Results

Q1: 93%
Q2: 94%
Q3: 97%
Q4: 97%


Q1: 95%
Q2: 96%
Q3: 96%
Q4: 97%


Q1: 97%
Q2: 96%
Q3: 98%

My Involvement Change?
Successful Outcomes
Vendor Management
Emergency Changes
... and all those others meetings
CCB Manager
CCB Manager
Change Champion
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