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celtic mythology

No description

Austin Chancy Alden Copland

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of celtic mythology

Celtic Mythology Dadga High god. God of death and rebirth.
God of all perfect knowledge. Manannan God of the sea and sailors. Had dominion over mists and sea battle. Cernunnos God of Animals. Had dear antlers and legs. Brigit Goddess of fire and the sun. Queen goddess. Danu Goddess of magic, wisdom, and water. Eriu Goddess and namesake of Ireland. Britannia Goddess of War and Britain. Still used as a symbol of Britain. Epona Goddess of Horses The Harp of Dagda Dagda owned a magical harp. He took it with him always, even in battle. One day, during battle with the Fomorians, they stole his harp. Infuriated, he gathered his finest warriors to go with him to retrieve it. They reached the Fomorians castle and burst into the banquet hall. The Fomorians drew their arms, but before they could strike, Dagda called out,"Come to me, O harp!" The harp flew off the wall on which it hung, and flew back into his master's hand. He played the melody of tears, causing the Fomorians to weep. He then played the music of mirth, making the Fomorians laugh hysterically. Lastly, he played the song of slumber, making the fall into a deep sleep. He and his warriors left the castle, rejoicing at their victory. Map Book of Invasions The Book of Invasions retells the (fictitious) history of the Celts, particularly in Britain and Ireland. This isn't an origin, just how the people came to be located there and what happened when they settled. Balor Demon king of the Formori
Demons who live in the depths of lakes and oceans Kelpie Celtic sea monster often seen as a horse
It often galloped around tricking children and women to ride it Creation Myth No creation myth of the world survives to this day
The only creation myth that did survive is how Ireland was created by Oran Mor Afterlife Tir na'Nog- land of the forever young
Only during certain times the dead can be contacted Banshee Wailing female spirit whose wail fortells the death of a loved one What we learned Warrior people
Strong belief in water and fire
Practiced witchcraft
Valued music and healing arts
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