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Placement Presentation

No description

Chris Otter

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Placement Presentation

(Asheville, n.d.)
(Oolong, 2010)
(Blogspot, n.d.)
My Placement
An event to celebrate the launch of our two new machines Merlin™ & Spirit™

The event was to be held at our Woodhall Spa site in a marquee.
Launch Event
My Responsibilities for the launch:

- Inviting Customers, Press & VIP’s and dealers.

- Organising activities for the family day.

- Liaising with press.

- Organising the set-up of the day.

- Talking with customers about the new features on the new machines.

- Collecting customers details for sales leads.
Updating customer database (Microsoft Navision)
Cleansing contacts to ensure that all data on the system is valid.
Helping implement the use of To-Do function for sales, so leads and outcome of those leads can be tracked.
(Inputting reminders so that sales will be prompted in for example 5 years when they may want another new machine)
Competitor Analysis
Customer Interaction Skills
We created a website, WhatisMerlin as a sneak peak for the new machines, it allowed used to register for their invite to the launch event.
In order to have a structure to the information collected about our competitors, I followed list of points of information that should be collected.
Working within a small committee to generate a price configuration to simplify the process of making a quote for a customer.

This then means that customers can be given a quote quick and easy, but also in a more understandable format by showing a base price and additional costs for any extras.
Re-Formatting Price List
Through the use of Microsoft Navision, we were able to segment customers into ‘Segments’ based on a variety of different factors.

For example when trying to contact customers to invite them on a training day, we had to search for customers who had purchased within the last three years a new self-propelled sprayer.
Househam Finance

Learnt how to give finance quotes through sales training provided by BNP Paribas.
Ability to provide bespoke finance packages to meet the customers needs.
A range of different finance options: Hire Purchase, Finance Lease etc.
Sales training continuously given throughout my placement by others in sales. Also a professional sales course spread out over 5 months (1 session per month) to learn and implement skills used.

These skills were used in shows in ‘priming’ potential customer ready to be passed onto a Technical Sales Person during trade shows, which entailed explaining the key functions of each machine, improvements we’ve made, trying to find the right machine to suit their needs / price and take down various details about their business.
Sales Training
We sent an invitation to all of our contacts in our database, press, staff and local business people (VIPs)
I organised / liased with customers booking them onto specific days depending on the machine they had. Arranged lunch, hotels and preparation of materials of the event.
Operator Training
- Speaking to customers regarding telephone enquiries, trying to identify their requirements before passing the information onto a salesperson.
- Speaking with customers at shows, talking them around the machines, taking down customer contact details for follow-up after the show.
Competitor Profiling
Creating a profile on each of our competitors to enable us to better compete.
Each profile contains information on the business including: History, Products, Strategies, Mergers, Prices, Finances, Key People and the overall strategy for the company.

My Objectives:

- Help organise launch event.

- Gain an understanding as to how the business works.

- Help develop the Househam brand.

- Learn & help develop the use of Navision.

- Developing Sales Skills

- Learn the uses and implementation of Househam Finance
Throughout my placement I have spent time working with Microsoft Navision, out customer database. On this I have helped with a number of tasks, these include:
- Adding customers details to a profile on their contact card. i.e. Machine owned, age, model etc.

- Creating mailing merges for customer interactions, mailshots etc.

- Logging last interactions with customers.

- Cleansing the database, to remove duplicate contacts.
We created a 'meal ticket' on the launch day, this was for two main reasons.
1) It allowed us to ensure that everyone got one meal, before others went for seconds.
2) It allowed us to collect contact details of hundreds of farmers, as we asked them to complete their details to receive their meal.
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