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A widely used, almost entirely unregulated psychomotor stimulant (ostensibly one with minimal potential for maladaptive use).

Will Moore

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of psy383_Caffeine

Caffeine half life: LD : 50 192 mg/kg rat 3-5 hr* adenosine receptors:
nonselective antagonist most widely used stimulant, often considered benign ~100 mg caffeine stimulant (but unlike nicotine OR the dopaminergics) estimated for humans at ~ 3-20 grams, oral single-shot espresso 24 oz. Mountain Dew 1/2 tablet of NoDoz stomach small intestine readily crosses (oral) caffeine crystals dissolved in solution w/ glucose caffeine is both lipid- and water-soluble adenosine hippocampal A1 Goethe encouraged Runge to isolate caffeine moral: put sugar in your coffee? moral: drink coffee if you plan to disengage? mechanism of action role of expectation (ADORA2A) striatal A 2A basal ganglia contemporary glutamate
serotonin downstream consequences: concentration & turnover GABA The world's favorite psychostimulant! increases activity of dopaminergic cells in the nucleus accumbens findings *wide variability based on drug interactions, developmental stage, hormonal state, etc. "We have become convinved that contemporary efforts to educate people about the effects of alcohol and other drugs are inadequate and misdirected."

-Buzzed, p.17
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