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No description

Tope Medupin

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Finance

£45k on Budget
Group Performance
YTD April 2013
UK Performance
How are
we doing?
What's been
The Wonderful World of Finance
(we didn't have too much to say so we thought we'd say the little we did have on a flash prezi)
Q3 Presentation

YTD April 2013
What the heck is all the fuss about?
£1.5m on Prior Year
£950k on Prior Year
£110k on Budget
£1.4m on Prior Year
£203k on Budget
£182k on Budget
£2.4m on Prior Year
Month End
Payment Run
Planning for 2013/14
based on KEY company objectives
Q3 Debtors
Quiz Time!!!
Debtor Chasing
How much debt older than 3 months did we recover in the Qtr Jan-Mar?
a. £46,342.33
b. £69,983.88
c. £100,240.11
In how many payments from different customers?
a. 40
b. 62
c. 95
Let’s see who’s a math genius – what average amount per payment does that work out to (£69,983.88/95)?
a. £736.67
b. £610.12
c. £532.89
What was the biggest amount that we recovered?
c. £9,600
a. £2,400
b. £4,800
Who was it from?
a. Hogarth
b. Turner Broadcasting
c. Endemol
a. £24
b. £95
c. £114
What was the smallest amount we recovered?
What's happening in Q4??
A LOT!!!!
Finalising budgets
Hiring new staff
Systems Development
Year End
Any Questions?
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