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Analyze This: The Power of LiveText Analytics

No description

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Analyze This: The Power of LiveText Analytics

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Analyze This:

The Power of LiveText Analytics
Let’s Get to Know One Another…
My role at LiveText

Different roles represented today

When you use the current reporting tool, do you get the report you need
Do you need to export the data?

Why does LiveText offer Analytics when we already offer a Reporting Tool?

C1 Reporting is Straight-Forward, User-Friendly, and gets the Job done!

In C1, you can export data, analyze it, and create new reports.

The purpose of Analytics is to explore your data.

Identify trends and ways to improve student learning.

Opportunity to go beyond accreditation minimums and requirements.

Tailor and create meaningful and innovative reports!

Analytics offers some other options…
Analytics is sophisticated and dynamic, not complicated.

There are many paths to pursue on the route to your goals.
Are you ready for LiveText Analytics?
Start with an Self-Inventory

Willing to try a few different paths?

Ask questions along the way?

Like to Problem Solve?

Wish to look at the Larger Meaning of the Data?

Data Points

Multiple terms of data

Term begin and end dates are listed

Assessments are in place that collect longitudinal data


Student Profile Import
How would you describe the "ideal" Analytics user?

Student Profile Information
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