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System Software Presentation

No description

Matt Zimmer

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of System Software Presentation

Wearable Pulse Oximeter System Software Matt Zimmer
May 5, 2011 General System Design MCU: MC56F8006
Bus Frequency: 32 MHz
Memory Requirements Rom: ~12 KB (16 KB Available)
Program Storage
RAM: ~1.5 KB (2 KB Available)
Variables and DSP FIFO queue Kernel: Cooperative
Timeslice Kernel Design Type: Timeslice
100ms Slice Period
5 Tasks
SliceTask UITask Gets input from user buttons and debounces
Allows user to change device settings
Activate Partial Power Down Structure Containing:
User Settings DispTask Updates display based on current state Enumerated State OLED Display Main
Module Disp
Module DSP
Module OLED
Display Execution Time: ~3 ms Execution Time: ~30 ms OxHRTask Calculates current blood oxygenation
Calculates current heart rate DSP FIFO Queue
(RED) SensorISR Read ADC value from light-to-voltage sensor/Multiplex LEDs
Updates FIFO queue with current ADC value
Step Digital Filter Structure Containing:
Current HR
Current Oxygenation Execution Time: ~300 us Execution Time: ~20 ms 1 mS Modules User Input Buttons LEDs Light Sensor (SCI) CPU Load Load: 20% Load: 3% Load: 30% Load: 30% Questions Triggered by periodic interrupt (1 ms) SliceTask Provides slice timing Tick
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