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Fei, Julia, Kaitlyn and Daniel's Colonial Disease Presentation

Fei Ewald

on 5 February 2012

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Transcript of Epilepsy

Overview of disease/Colonial "name" for disease
Colonial Names:

Falling Sickness
Disease of the Moon

The most severe form of epilepsy
is called LaFora's Disease
Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system, characterized by either mild, episodic loss of attention or sleepiness or by severe convulsions with loss of conciousness.
Epilepsy is a disease of abnormal brain activity that causes seizures. Seizures are sudden brief episodes of altered states of conciousness, often accompanied by spasmodic or unusual motor activity.
Epilepsy is a disorder characterized by repeating seizures, which are problems in the electrical activity in the brain. Seizure types range from a momentary disruption of senses to a loss of conciousness and violent movements that can last for minutes. There is no single cause for epilepsy; however epilepsy can sometimes be associated with an illness, head injury, or abnormal brain development. It is estimated that 1-2% of the world has epilepsy, and of those, about two thirds respond well to treatment.
severe head injury
brain tumors
heart attack
viral encephlitis
cerebral palsy
missing genes-
exposure to led, carbon monoxide and certain chemicals
street drugs
lack of sleep, stress, or hormonal changes
alter normal workings of brain
infectious disease
gene that breaks down protein
gene that breaks down carbohydrates--LaFora's
affects blood supply to brain
developmental and metabolic disorder
seizures are the only known symptom of epilepsy, but seizures have their own symptoms.
by fei, julia, and kaitlyn
Symptoms of seizures:

loss of urine
periods of no response to directions
periods of blackout or confused memory
fainting spells in which bladder or bowel contol is lost
neurons affected by epilepsy
During a seizure...

you may be confused briefly
you may not appear to be breathing: heavy breathing after an episode
your eyes are usually open
there might be rythmic movement of limbs
there might be a complete loss of conciousness
gross fact: some people swallow their tounges during a seizure and choke on it and die
Did you know that George Washington's stepdaughter had epilepsy?
dogs can have seizures and epilepsy too
What happens?- Body part or system it affects
The two most common types of seizures are absense seizures and generalised tonic clonic seizures.
by Julia, Fei, Kaitlyn, and Daniel k
diagram of system affected
Colonial/native american remedies that were used
Wood Betony- The english were actually right for once about a treatment for a disease because this herb actually does help epilepsy/falling sickness.
Wood betony is an herb that treats physical diseases like epilepsy.It was also a very popular necklace herb then. They used it to "ward off evil" that supposedly made you sick.
Garden Heliotrope- Native Americans would use this because it does have an affect on the central nervous system. It soothes nerves and treats epilepsy.
gross fact: some people swallow their tounge during a seizure and choke. sometimes it is fatal
Types of seizures:
grand mal or generalized tonic-clonic
muscle ridgidty
loss of conciousness
sporadic ,jerking movements
repetitive,jerking movements
muscle stiffness
muscle stiffnes
loss of muscle tone
Epilepsy affects the nervous system. The seizures are caused by disturbances in the electrical activity in the brain. When that happens, the brain sends the wrong signals, and the neurons flare. (neurons are a type of nerve)
they are flaring, which causes seizures
settler remedies
native remedies
Animal Sacrifices- Some eastern woodland tribes would have a ritual animal sacrifice to honor the person with epilepsy. It was called Willancha. They would take birds blood and dried insects and mix them into water. To complete the ceremony, they would pour the mixture on the person with epilepsy while they were having a seizure. After everything else, the person would recieve a special bracelet that was soaked in the mixture for good luck.
dogs are cute
The End
actually it is not the end
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