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Research Paper Unit: Genocide

No description

Tyler Barnes

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Research Paper Unit: Genocide

Research Paper Unit: Genocide
CP English II

This Unit will consist of the following:
Readings, discussions, and active participation under the topic: GENOCIDE, with an emphasis on comparing/contrasting research to text
The Research Paper
topic selection and approval
library time for research
submitting of sources with annotations for a grade
An outline
Paper will be broken down into sections for homework grades (intro/body/conclusion
Final draft: 3-4 pages with a works cited page
4 source minimum
limited library time will be provided to type

Public Speaking Component
A formal presentation of your topic,thesis, and evidence comparing/contrasting your topic's 8 stages of genocide to the Holocaust as it is presented in
(It has not been determined yet whether this will be done as groups or individuals yet)
50 point project grade
Yes, you will be graded on the following:
ability to work with technology
ability to convert your paper into a presentation/project
public speaking skills
A rubric will be provided and used for scoring
(If applicable, ability to work in groups)
Comparing & Contrasting
Your task will be to choose a modern genocide and compare/contrast the 8 stages of this genocide to that of the Holocaust as portrayed by
Night (
thus, the research to text idea)
Things you should consider:
Do you have enough research covering all 8 stages for your topic?
Can you describe evidence for all 8 stages for the Holocaust? (From the text and maybe some research on your own)
Are there commonalities?
Are there differences?
Are things still developing?
Important Elements of Scholarly Research
Meet the source requirement (4 minimum)
does not count toward the four
MLA format is required
citations, a work cited page, proper header and title
Avoid plagiarism at all costs
automatic 0 and referral
Stay organized and keep track of all of your sources
Annotate your sources
print/copy, write notes, etc.
only the important information

Other things we will cover:
Writing Tips:

Effective introduction
Developing a thesis statement
Body Paragraphs (transitions, citations, comparing/contrasting)
Conclusion (restating the thesis and closing on a memorable note)
Research Tips:
using credible sources
using the library
organizing your information
surfing the web
the OWL
Things you should be aware of
Tentative Due Date:
Tuesday, May 6th

We will be writing this paper in sections, just like the R.C. Essay, to prevent procrastination; YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO TYPE THESE SECTIONS AND SAVE THEM TO MAKE THE PAPER EASIER. You will have 1 day in the lab to type. Due at the end of class.

Your outline will be your lifeline; work hard on this early and your paper will be a breeze
This will be due in either Google Drive or turnitin.com. We will let you know in advance

Don't worry about the presentation until after your paper is written; these won't take place until after winter break

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