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Guilds and a Changing Economy

No description

Keona Fortune

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Guilds and a Changing Economy

Thank You!
You will analyze the painting to complete this assessment activity. Your analysis will be focused on discovering three parts of the painting that show evidence of change in Late Medieval European society and economy. Focus on the interactions between people and try to determine what activity is going on? How does this activity reflect the change in European society or the economy that is happening as guilds developed?
What Activity is Going on?
The picture shows people in the Late Middle Ages or Late Medieval European times. They are buying goods from the merchants. They look happy and satisfied with the services and goods they are receiving.
Observation 2
All of the merchants have a customer. All of their shelves are all full of different goods.The customers seem to be really interested in the goods.
Observation 3
The shelves are well organized.The display is very colorful.It looks like they are selling clothes, shoes and dishes.
2.05 Assessment
Guilds and a Changing Economy
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