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Theme/AP Studio Art

No description

frank guerra

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Theme/AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art Portfolio Assessment College Board 1990 College Board oversees the AP program Types of Portfolios for Studio Art 2D Studio Art
3D Studio Art
Drawing Quality
Breadth Quality: five works that show mastery of design These works can also be located in the breadth and concentration section Quality Sample 1: Grace Wielebinski, Greenhill School, Addison, TX
Score: 6
Concentration: 12 images; some may be details Alana Downie Urban High School Urban,IL score: 4 Students Topic is White Noise Breadth: Eight Images
mostly teacher guided assignments or student based studies Kaitlin Nixon, Booker T. Wasington Dallas,TX 1990 there were roughly 1400 student portfolios submitted 2008 there were 31,800 portfolios submitted Concentration Score samples
score 6 Excellent: The concentration engages
the viewer with the work and the idea
3 moderate: The work is a concentration, but the
tipic is inadequately considered
1poor : there is very little or no sense of investigation Quality Score Samples
score 6 Excellent: Addresses fairly complex
visual and/or conceptual design.
score 5 Strong: successfully engages with most
aspects of technique and materials
score 4 Good: Has some sense of purpose or direct, but it may not be fully resolved
score 2 Weak: Shows little understanding of elements and principles of design. Breadth
6 excellent The work demonstrates serious
successful engagement with a broad range of esign problems
3 moderate the work shows engagement with a superficial range of desing problems
1 poor technique is clumsy/incompetent
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