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my full name is Zoe Jane Garcia

No description

zoe garcia

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of my full name is Zoe Jane Garcia

favorite movie is The Lion King
my full name is Zoe Jane Garcia
some nick names i have are zoo-bearz, pig, and zo

idk how i got zoo-bearz but i got pig bc in 5th grade my best friend said i was as mean as a pig in a farm and she is the only person who can call me that. I got zo in 7th grade bc my teacher didn't know how to pronounce my name so people called me that

i was born in chino at chino hospital and i have lived in chino hills for 9 years
favorite t.v. shows are
My closest friends are jasmine, justine, kiley, kristen, matthew, erik, schae, ana, and ashlee.
i have 1 younger brother who just turned 12 about a week ago and 1 half sister who is about 8
my favorite foods are...
and Italian
i have a wide variety of music that i love but i dont like country
american horror story
adventure time
american dad
south park
and wilfred
favorite author Jeff Kinney of my favorite book series, Diary of a wimpy kid
my favorite kind of cars are all classic/antique/vintage cars and the mercedes benz f500 and f700
i have 3 cats, lynxerino, chimba, gilbert, 1 fish, fesh and dogs that i kind of own, tigger, bella, april, and lupito
one embarrassing moment i had was when i was in 7th grade & it was the second day of school and i woke up not feeling good but i went to school anyway because i am a good student. so i get to school and i feel my stomach rumbling and i know i am about to throw up so i try to run to the bathroom. i almost made it, i was 10 feet away from the darn bathroom but it just came up and i tried to stop by covering my mouth but vomit got on my sleeve, hand, and a little on my shirt and people just said "ew" and didn't even ask if i was ok or needed to go to the nurse. I just washed it off but i was late to class and no one knew that i had vomited on my flannel.
if i could meet anyone in history, i would choose Leonardo ad Vinci because he was such a smart man ahead of his time, a polymath, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, inventor, philosopher, writer and artist.
if i could visit anywhere in the world, it would be the bahamas, barbados, bora bora, or the maldives. (basically any tropical island)
tomorrow will be the 2 month anniversary
of how long i have been attending Ayala

my favorite classes are p.e., spanish and world history
my learning style is interactive and
hands on.
im involved in Spanish club, Polynesian club,
a recycling club, drama club, and i plan on doing track and field.
the best teacher ive ever had was
mr. maley, my 7th grade english teacher because he made the class fun, i dont like english but he made it easy, and i liked the people in the class, and he would always play his guitar and sing funny songs.

after high school i dont really know what im going to do yet but i plan on maybe going to college, preferably UCLA .
the kind of job i want to be doing in 20 years is acting or working for disney in someway like disneyland park ranger, voice actress, work on a movie set, princess you pose with at disneyland, ect.
my leisure time activities are eating, napping, riding on my bike or rib-stick, running, doodling, painting or taking care of my pets
my talents are acting,
running long distance, and i can kind of draw and sketch.
my favorite tv shows are...
something someone could do or say to make me happy is just compliment me in some way or the can give me money or food
things in life that make me most happy are my family and friends.
when people are rude
someone walks too slow in front or me
when people talk smack behind my back
or if i see animal abuse i get really mad
things that make me most unhappy
my parents have the greatest impact on my life because they are the ones who made me and they have saved my life many times and have kept me out of trouble my whole life
i would say my heroes are
if i was talking to my son and/or daughter about being a teenager, i would say live life to the fullest because these are some of the best years of your life, just don't get hurt, and don't let anybody try to hurt you. don't let anybody pressure you into something that makes you uncomfortable. don't care what anyone else says and you are going to have a lot of fake friends so trust no one because in the end all you have is yourself
i define success as achieving your goal and being happy with the outcome
my greatest accomplishment to date is when i was in a play and the person i was preforming with forgot her lines so i had to improvise for her and i was only 9 at the time and performing in front of 500 people.
The motto i would hang in every home in the world is "life is like a bicycle. to keep your balance, you must keep moving"- Albert Einstein
if i was living today as if it were my last, i would eat all my favorite foods, go to the beach with my friends and family and party, compliment random strangers, be kind to everyone go to California adventures and ride all the rides, try things outside my comfort zone, and just spend the day with the people i love.
America means my home to me, i have freedoms that many people don't have in other countries and for a lot people , what i have is a luxury and i am thankful for what i have in America.
At my 25th high school reunion, one of my classmates is president of a major corporation, one has found a cure for cancer, yet i was the most respected. I was the most respected because i stayed true to myself, supported my classmates' dreams by being optimistic, helping them, sticking up for them and not discourage them by saying anything negative about their goals.
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