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for europe project

maia mitchell

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of France

FRANCE The History

Founded by the celts (called the gauls by the romans)

Important wars
France was a part of the hundred years' war, it is importabnt because France got to gain some land

Important people:
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Napoléon Bonaparte
Honoré de Balzac
Claude Monet
Claude-Achille Debussy
Marie and Pierre Curie
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
Pierre Cardin

France's population is made up of Celtis, Latin, and Frankish
France's total population is 59.8 million THE CULTURE important people ALEXANDER EIFFEL PIERRE CURIE Music:
French rap, hip hop, pop, funk, classical and techno
are the popular types of music in France
Claude Debussy is a famous french composer who composed beautiful classial music in the late 1800s and ealry 1900s Traditional dances in France:
An Dro
Avant-Deux de Travers
Le Bal de Jugon
Bannielou Lambaol
Danse Fisel
Gavotte d'Honneur
Hanter Dro
Le Laride
Pach 'Pi A French Folktale:
The boat that went on both land and on water:
This story is about a king whose daughter needs to get married, but the king does not want her to go because he loves her. Everyone was bugging the king about thie princess getting married. So he told everyone that the boy whose makes a boat the can sail on land and water will get to marry his daughter. Then a country boy heard the message and he was very clever but he was too self confident. He thought that if anyone could build a boat that can sail on land and water than it would be him. Then on his way to the kings forest he ran into a women but did not talk to her, he just said he was going to make him some skittles. Then at the forest every thing he cut turned into skittles. So he gave up and his younger brother thought that he would give it a try. The next day the younger brother saw the same women and stopped to talked to her and she gave him some directions. When the boy got to the forest the wood he cut fell perfectly into placed and the boat worked on both land and water. Then he followed the ladies directions and got to the kings castle. Every thing the lady told him came in use and he married the princess.
French food:
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