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Impact of Pencils

My presentation

Joe Fyrqvist

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Impact of Pencils

Impact of Pencils
Since the invention of the pencil, in around 1564 in England, we've seen many changes in large aspects of our society. It has become one of the the most common writing utensils, used in school, work, and other forms of writing.
Huge supply of graphite found in England

Producing of pencils spread throughout the world

Pencils had a revolutionary effect on the growth of our society

Very easy and cheap writing utensil to produce in mass amounts
Educational Impact
Pencils have became one of the top writing utensils

Used daily in school for writing

Over 2 billion used yearly in the United States alone
Pencils in Work
Carpenter pencils are very commonly used in construction

Provides very easy way to mark distances and write down anything necessary

Suitable for marking on rough surfaces, such as concrete and wood
Pencils began to be used for writing letters to people across the world
By Joe Fyrqvist
The invention of the pencil had a huge impact on many phases of life throughout the world. It added a cheap and efficient method of writing, which gave us a new way to communicate long distance in letters. Also, pencils became the standard writing utensil for school. Pencils are commonly used in jobs as well, for instance, giving carpenters a device to mark surfaces. Also, it gave artists a completely new dimension, providing an erasable device for drawing. With one simple invention, so many aspects of our culture were improved.
The pencil was a huge addition to artists.

Could erase mistakes and fix problems
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