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Chest Tube Errors

No description

Pamela Fletcher

on 12 August 2011

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Transcript of Chest Tube Errors

Tubing NOT Coiled Water Seal Chamber Level is Not at the 2cm line Drainage Level Not Marked Tubing is Clamped To Start Prezi: Click on the arrow below, OR click on the actual errors in the picture. How Many Errors Can You Find
With This Chest Tube Set-up? Coil tubing to prevent dependent loops Fill water seal chamber to 2cm line. The water becomes blue for visibility of air leaks and pressure changes. Mark drainage level on outside of chamber every shift! Suction Chamber is Empty Fill suction chamber with sterile water to -20cm
or to level designated by MD order Briefly pinch tubing in order
to check chamber seal level MD Order Required to clamp tubing Check Dressing each shift
Palpate site for SQ emphysema every 4 hrs No Error HERE! Tape Stopcock to OPEN position during setup. The water seal chamber allows air to pass down through a narrow channel and bubble out through the bottom of the water seal. As changes in intrathoracic pressure occur, fluctuation in the water level can be seen.

Do not overfill. If necessary remove excess with 20 gauge or smaller needle and syringe through grommet located at back. Don't Forget! Connect patient tube to catheter tube BAND IT Keep clamp open at all times when connected to patient DRESSING AUSCULTATE Listen to lung sounds at least every 4 hrs Disclaimer: This video was provided by Atrium's Educational Series. Follow SHMC policy & procedures for management of chest tubes.
**Video shows use of Stopcock for suction, which we DO NOT USE on 8N Med/Onc** EXTRA's
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