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St Francis Xavier

No description

Chloe heath

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of St Francis Xavier

By Chloe Heath
Timeline of St Francis Xavier's life
St Francis Xavier was such an important person because where ever he went he spread the word of the word of the Lord and healed the sick in different parts of Asia.
St Francis Xavier
7th April 1506
December 3rd 1549 at age 46
Place of Birth:
Near Pampolona, Spain
Place of Death:
Shangchuan near the China coast
Countries visited:
Coast of Africa, Goa, India, Southeast Asia, South pacific, Malacca in Malay, small islands near New Guinea, and Morotai, close to the Philippines, Japan
St Francis Xavier was born at the castle of Xavier in Navarre, Spain, on April 7, 1506.
1n 1525 St Francis Xavier went to Paris where he entered the college de Sainte-Barbe.
In 1529, at the collage in Paris he made a friend named St. Ignatius Loyola

On the 15th November, 1536, St Francis Xavier turned his steps to Venice, were he went to different hospitals attending the sick.

On 7 April, 1541, St Francis left on a ship, sailing to India.

1545 St Francis Xavier left for Malacca.
In 1546 left Malacca and went to the Molucca Islands.
Hearing about Japan in 1449, he then travelled to Japan
Saint Francis Xavier died on December 3rd 1552 at age 46
Saint Francis Xavier was canonized in 1622
St Francis Xavier performed many miracles in his lifetime for example one day he was at sea when he got caught in a treacherous storm, traveling to Malacca in 1546. With a lot of faith he threw his cross into the ocean to stop the huge waves from destroying the ship. When God heard St Francis Xavier's plea for help, God came to his rescue by calming the sea, but sadly for St Francis Xavier he had lost his cross. When he reached the shore he came across a crab carring the exact same cross he had thrown into the ocean.
My Understanding of Saint Francis Xavier
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Another miracle seen by two eye witnesses was when he was sailing to China from Malacca in 1552 he turned salt water into fresh water.

St Francis Xavier also brang people back to life for example a little Indian girl drowned in a well was brought back to life.

Also his prayers preserved ships from pirate attacks.
Pacific Islands
Fishery coast
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What makes me a proud student
What makes me a proud student at my school is to make my school proud of me, and to be picked for things like Tour Guide and SIS Netball.
Thankyou for Watching!
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