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Mazenod Middle School Learning Framework

This framework is a representation of how teaching and learning will be delivered to middle years students at Mazenod College.

Bruce Derby

on 25 November 2009

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Transcript of Mazenod Middle School Learning Framework

Scientifically Thinking
Socially Thinking
Mathematically Thinking
Linguistically A Thinking Framework for Curriculum
in the Middle Years at Mazenod Global Personal Local Thinking Scientifically Thinking Scientfically Thinking Linguistically Thinking Mathematically Thinking Socially Experimenting
Using scientific skills to understand the physical world Problem solving
Representing through numbers
Using mathematical concepts to solve problems, understand space, measure etc.
Understanding that people's values and attitudes influence their behaviours, choices and decisions.
Acknowledging and appreciating diversity in human experience.
Understanding culture.
Developing social skills and awareness. Using written, oral and visual language to convey ideas and to articulate understandings.
Understanding that written, oral and visual language can be used in varied and powerful ways. Curriculum Curriculum is central to education activity at Mazenod. Curriculum provide specific content to support the development of students' abilities to think scientifically, mathematically, socially and linguistically. Using learning to improve one's physical and mental well-being
Thinking in a way that promotes personal and spiritual growth Thinking for Personal Well-being
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