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St Robert Elementary School Healthy Snack Program

Bio K+ Community Award Presentation

Sandra Schultz

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of St Robert Elementary School Healthy Snack Program

St Robert Catholic Elementary School Healthy Snack Program Presented by Sandra Schultz, Healthy Snack Volunteer Introducing... St Robert School Elementary School (JK-8) in London, Ontario
Population 260 students & over 25 teachers, ECEs and support staff
Old school built in 1959 with currently 13 classrooms, a gymnasium, a library, and a YMCA room for before/after school care. Nutrition "Nutrition is a fundamental pillar of human life, health and development across the entire life span...proper food and good nutrition are ESSENTIAL for survival, physical growth, mental development, performance and productivity, health and well-being. It is an essential foundation of human and national developement." World Health Organization, 2000. "Right to adequate food is a human right, inherent in all people..." United Nations Worldwide? Of course!
North America?
Canada? Definitely!
United Nations says "900,000 households are food insecure" = 2.5 million Canadians!
Only 4 out of 10 Canadian kids are eating 5+ fruits and veggies each day - Food Guide? Healthy Food - Is there a need? Health Implications in Children
due to Lack of Healthy Food Learning How long will our children's generation live?
Increase in childhood obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol
Increase of type 2 diabetes in young people
Modern life - no time for meal planning/shopping, take out, no table time Lifespan & Disease Childrens' Basic Physical Needs Growth & Development
Bone, muscles, organs, etc
Motor Skills
BMI healthy range
Canada's Food Guide - 4 groups
Veggies & Fruits
Grain Products
Milk & Dairy Products
Meat & Alternatives
Calories, Carbs, Protein, Fat
Vitamins & Minerals Behaviour Attention
Activity level
Aggression Where is London, Ontario? Where in London is
St Robert Catholic Elementary School
other London Elementary Schools? 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Come inside St Robert School Is there in need in our own backyard? Who makes up our school community? We are located in the Argyle neighbourhood.
Students and families come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Average family income is $67,071 (London $84,593)
Education level for working adults - 34% high school, 25.6% college, 9.4% university, and 19.3% none! St Robert - Argyle/East end John Dearness - Oakridge/West How we stack up against them? Jack Chambers - Uplands/North Overnight and morning fast (no breakfast or morning snack!) among school children had negative effects on memory and attention (Pollitt et al., 1998, Pollitt & Gorman, 1994) energy levels and cognition (Bellisle, 2004).
The performance of the brain is susceptible to moment to moment (think: hour to hour) fluctuations in metabolism which is directly influenced by diet. Therefore nutritional intake should be designed to sustain an adequate level of glucose and to minimize fluctuations between meals (Bellisle, 2004).

What does this mean?
The healthy morning snacks that our team of volunteers provides to each and every student, three times a week, can provide the energy (think: glucose) and macro/micronutrients to help students learn better and easier! It helps if they didn’t get to have breakfast at home and if they did, those small tummies get empty quicker than adults, so they need smaller, more frequent healthy snacks/meals. What exactly is the need? It’s not necessarily the education level of parents that creates the need in our school. Perhaps the lack of higher education prevents some of our families from just having a higher income?
Low income is a major barrier to healthy eating. Deprived households are more likely to have unhealthy food and insufficient amounts of food.The ability to pay for particular types of food often dictates diets that are ultimately consumed.
In a study in Ireland, despite a strong desire to feed their children healthy food and awareness of the components of a healthy diet, income limitations forced mothers to choose meals with lower nutritional content. Having to make such choices was very stressful for these parents. Along with being obliged knowingly to feed their children cheaper, less nutritious food, they made personal sacrifices, such as skipping or reducing meals for themselves in order to give the most to their children (Coakley, 2001). St Robert Healthy Snack Program WHAT ?
• Our program provides healthy morning snack to ALL students in our school community.
• What is a healthy snack?
2 food groups represented - veggies/fruits every time
Low sugar, sodium/salt, 2g fibre, % iron, trans fat
Serving sizes
Example of normal snack - recommended vs ours
• Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning
• Special days – Track & Field, EQAO, Snow activity day, Gymnastics meet, Health-o-ween WHY?
• NEED – 27% of families are low-income in our neighbourhood (16.5% average Ontario)
• COMMUNITY – Breaking bread together, belonging and social interactions Our Limitations
THEREFORE no variety, same snacks
Limited to sale items which are not always fresh, lucky for whole wheat crackers...changes the healthy snack menu/calendar Facilities
Small space to work in
1 fridge, share a freezer, one sink for years (prep work, washing dishes and sanitizing)
Limited amount of reusable containers, knives, apple slicers, cutting boards, etc. Volunteerism
Most of our parents NEED to work – they can`t volunteer!
Long commitment – change possible? Parents Our Healthy Activities Mind, Body & Spirit Healthy Nutrition
Healthy Snack Programs
Milk Program***
Emergency Lunches
Yogurt Parfait Day - `NSTEP
DanceFest Dinner - `NSTEP
School Food & Beverage Policy
Baking healthy apple muffins – classroom activity
Bean salad in classroom in connection with planting beans and watching them grow!
Healthy & Safe Schools Committee
Snack program feedback and help – gotcha’s, posters
Canadian Tire Money Fundraiser - $159 – sports equipment – supports physical activity
Hot Lunch Fundraisers – yes pizza, but other healthy options – pasta, Subway subs, chicken wraps!*** ‘NSTEP charity program (first school in Ontario!) – Nutrition & Physical Education Program for school (www.nstep.ca)
Nutrition & Physical Activity lessons taught to each classroom throughout the year
Provided healthy snacks and health education – Saturday Breakfast and Go (with the Amazing race), Parent-Teacher Night, Principal’s Walk, newsletters, bulletin board Field Trips
O’Shea’s Farm Visits – Where does food come from?
Grade 7’s at the Food Lab at Brescia University College at University of Western Ontario
Bowling Trip
End of the year Strawberry Picking & BBQ TONIGHT!!! YMCA drop-in activity night (once a week in the gym)
Swim to Survive
Pause 2 Play
Jump Rope for Heart
Mob dance
Playground equipment – four square, hopscotch, basketball, soccer
Gotcha – Being Active Other
Dental Healthy Campaign
Sun Sense
Feeling Stressed
Helmet Safety Campaign
It`s Cool to Be Warm
Charity for Pediatric Oncology – Chalk drawings
School fundraisers do NOT sell chocolate bars
Choir The Healthy Snack Program
at St Robert Catholic Elementary School

Bio K+ Community Healthy Event Award Presentation St Robert School Community is a great health partner for Bio K+ A Better Life $10,000!?! Eco School
Reusable lunch sacks
Litterless lunch contest
Tree planting – Kindergarten classes inspire a city! School Community
Buddy system – Older classes adopt younger classes – assemblies, DanceFest, holiday festivities
Bully Chargers
Student Council Students Teachers Improve your health with a pro-active approach - diet and a healthy body (and GI system) should be the first thing you do! Wouldn't it be great if we could provide more yogurt and probiotics to our children? (Remember how costly it can be for just one serving! But for good reason!) Healthy diet choices -> Improve health -> Improve Life Healthier bodies Ability to concentrate and learn Community when you share a meal Participation in more healthy choices Imagine the possibilities... the options are endless
Upgrade the kitchen?
Pay our volunteers? NO!!! We just need the $10,000 to add more variety to our healthy snack baskets! All the money will go to actual food!
Imagine the new but sometimes expensive foods that our kids wouldn't try otherwise: But receiving $10,000 for health deserves to be celebrated!
We should throw a healthy party!
The Fall School BBQ - no one has to pay!
A Bouncy Castle too!
Classroom healthy celebrations throughout the year too! WHO ?
• Program Leader – Mrs Leonie Thibert, Staff Librarian
• Parent Volunteers – Myself, Mrs Michalik, Mrs Morgado, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Aspden, & Mrs Luelo
• Mrs Rodriguez WHERE ?
• “Snack Room”
• Location – in between the gym and equipment storage room HOW ?
• What is a normal snack day like? "I liked the rainbow snack because it had all of the rainbow colours!" Haylee "I like that if you don't have healthy snacks in your lunch bag for the morning, you can choose a healthy snack from the basket". "Snack baskets make Mon/Wed/Fridays so special." Atheiyei "I really like that we get fruit every other day and sometimes we get extra special snacks like yogurt "sundaes" and edamame." Fabian "It provides good nutrition that helps to learn better, to focus, and teaches a healthy eating habit. Because not all the kids are provided with a good healthy snack, with the Healthy Snack program, the kids can learn to inspire lots of adults to eat healthier." "My daughter is a very picky eater. The healthy snack has given her the opportunity to try different foods with her peers cheering her on. She loves the attention." "It helps financially and easier to make lunches. It got my son to try things we would never try at home because we do not like it - he now likes celery, rice cakes, hummus and I'm sure more items I cannot think of. I volunteer with the Healthy Snacks and it gives me time to get to know the other parents." "I have 3 children at St Robert School and 2 other children at other schools. I am so appreciative to have this program available at our school. It helps me out so much. Packing lunches/snacks for 5 kids is a chore and having healthy snack 3 times a week is a great time and money savings for our family. My 5 year old LOVES snack days and keeps track of the days. He really enjoys having snacks that are shared within his classroom. It creates a sense of community when our children eat and visit together."" "The students were always eager to see what was being served on snack days, lots of enthusiasm." "Sharing a snack together helps to build community and gives the students a chance to practice social graces." "Healthy snack is a springboard to real discussions about healthy food relating to the body." "It gives children the opportunity to try new foods - they follow peers' examples for some foods they wouldn't otherwise try." With Special Guests: Mrs Angela McHardy (Principal), Mrs Leonie Thibert (Healthy Snack Program Leader & School Librarian) and Emily & Mary Schultz (Students) What a difference in the same city! Who lives in our city?
Is there a need in London?
What about St Robert Elementary School in particular? "I liked when we had yogurt tubes frozen - we don't do that at our house." "Great variety of snacks from the 4 food groups - directly related to healthy eating practices in the curriculum." Cost of Food - $50 per snack day to feed 260 students – 19 cents per kid per snack
Apple 30 cents
Cheesestring 37.5 cents/child
Yogurt tube 25 cents/child
Strawberries 62 cents/child
Yogurt cup 30 cents/child
Hummus 23 cents/child
Carrots, cucumbers, dip? Can’t run the program for the full 10 months
Almost 100% goes to the food itself – no gas money for Mrs Thibert, no honorariums for volunteers and definitely NO PAID positions
Ontario Student Nutrition Program + one private donor = $5400 a year budget Free nutrition handouts from the government and www.teachnutrition.org along with curriculum taught by teachers set out by the government. Physical Activities
Sports teams
Track & field
5 minute dance to popular song every Wednesday morning – Quality Daily Physical Activity Moment – for the entire school!
DanceFest (video!)
Principal walk with ‘NSTEP
Yoga introduced to Kindergarten classes and creative movement with streamers – in classrooms on top of gym time Special snack days – Eat a rainbow, Health-o-ween, Christmas colours,
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