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working abroad

No description

Oksana Pryimak

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of working abroad

5. Canada
4. Sweden
- proud of their health care, environment
and high level of safety

- 87% of Canadians feel safe walking alone
at night (the OECD average is 67%)
- the best air quality on the OECD list

- 96% of citizens - happy with their water
quality (the OECD average is 84%)
3. USA
- an average American makes $38,000
after taxes
(the OECD average is $22,387)
- high salary and high standard of living

- short working weeks- 37.5 hours

- an average citizen rates his happiness
as 7.6 out of 10
2. Norway
- far more vacation time (min. 28 days) and
schedule flexibility for employees

- the unemployment rate is incredibly low
1. Australia
Working Abroad
Brainstorming Session
by Ecem Türke
Oksana Pryimak
Hilal Turan
1. Advantages/ Disadvantages of
working abroad
2. the top 5 countries to work
3. Tips for preparation
4. Differences in several countries
5. How to get a job in a foreign
1. working abroad
5. How to get a job in a foreign country
2. the top 5 countries
3. Tips for preparation for working
- study the country's native language
- red tape
- business etiquette
- finding a comfortable place
- policies on taxes
- inform about company's benefits
- working abroad contract

- inform about cultural differences....
1. working abroad
- estimable work experience
- personality enrichment
- multicultural awareness
- emotional intelligence
- learn diversity of people and
- better living and working
- overcoming language barriers
- career advancement
- Language barrier
- cultural adaptation
- culture clashes
- discrimination at workplace
- homesickness
- cultural shock
- red tape
- higher costs
4. Differences in several countries
4. Differences in several countries
Arab culture
Russian culture
Time doesn't play a attitude to time
big role
Avoid small talks about Small talk of family and
family issues personal matters
shake hands at the Physical contact during
beginning and end of business meetings
Do not open a gift in Adults opened gifts in the
front of the gift-giver presence of others
The left hand never be Never drinking and eating
used for eating, drinking.. all at once
it is considered unclean
Thank you for your attention !
there are about 300 days of sunshine
per year
- inform about cultural differences
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