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Quality of Life Project - Singapore

No description

Amna Malik

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Quality of Life Project - Singapore

What is the Quality of Life in...
General Information
Independence: August 9th, 1965
Total Area: 710 km squared
Population 2012: 5.13 million
Population density: 7225.3 people per km squared!
Climate: tropical, hot, humid, rainy
2 Monsoon seasons.
Capital: Singapore city, "the lion city"
100% urban population.
Example of "environmental change."
$1 SGD = $0.83 CAD
Bus+MRT: $150 SGD OR $123.97 CAD
Private car: $150,000 $SGD/124,004.70 CAD
Plus government taxes.
Excellent health care system, $100-200 SGD/$83-$165 CAD per month.
Hospitalization: $30-$3,000 SGD/$25-$2,480 CAD
Owning property can be expensive.
80% Singaporeans live in HDB flats.
Merlion Statue
Represents the courage, strength, and wisdom of the Singaporeans.
Red - Represents brotherhood and equality
White - Represents purity and virtue
Waxing crescent moon - Represents a young nation
The Merlion: Represents courage, strength and wisdom.
Economy depends heavily on exports.
Exports: HK SAR-11.6%, Malaysia-11.5%, China-9.7%
Machinery, pharmaceuticals, refined petroleum products
Imports: US-11.9%, Malaysia-11.6%, China-10.5%
Machinery, mineral fuels, chemicals, foodstuffs, consumer goods
Current President: Tony Tan
Elected August 27, 2011
Next election: August 27, 2017
Suffrage: 21 years of age
Government system: Parliamentary republic
Cost of Living in 2012
Known for it's wide variety of food.
With eating breakfast/dinner at home and occasional weekend outings, the monthly food budget is: $600-$1000 SGD/$496-$827 CAD.
Singapore Flyer
Largest Ferris wheel in the world, with a height of 165 m!
Orchard Road
2.5 km, Singapore's main commercial street.
Famous Places/Tourist Attractions
Sentosa Island
Popular island resort, famous for it's merlion tower.
Quality of Life?
Easy country to adjust to.
Excellent transportation, economy, government, health-care and education system.
Scores high on safety.
Clean, healthy, and modern environment.
Even though Singapore has a high cost of living and a lack of sport facilities and entertainment, it is definitely one of the best countries to live in!
76.8% Chinese, Malay 13.9%, Indian 7.9%, other 1.4%.
Buddhist 42.5%, Muslim 14.9%, Hindu 4%, Catholic 4.8%, Christian 9.8%, other 0.7%, none 14.8%
Official Languages: Malay, English, Tamil, Mandarin
GDP per capita: 53,591
Literacy rate: 96.1%
Life expectancy: 81.2 years
$1 CAD = $1.21 SGD
Birth rate: 7.72
Death rate: 3.41
Natural Increase: 4.31
Net Migration: 15.62 immigrants/1,000 people.
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