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English Language Learners

No description

Jan Foy

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of English Language Learners

English Language Learners Newcomer Reception Centre
443 Ouellette Avenue to determine current stage/level of English as a second language
to determine level of math
to interview parents and gather pertinent information regarding past school history
to recommend ESL placement or support
to provide teachers with teaching strategies and support suggestions

Some Interesting Stats.... Why Assess? From 2003-2008 13,341 new immigrants came to Windsor, from 162 different countries ESL Documents and Guides Who are ELLs?
1. Newcomer from another country
- immigrant
- refugee
2. Canadian born ELL
3. Visa students Canada has the largest per capital intake of newcomers of any country in the world Ontario receives the most newcomers to Canada than all other provinces The Canada Ontario Immigration Agreement signed Nov. 2005 provides $920 million in new immigration funding over 5 years to help newcomers successfully integrate more more quickly into Ontario communities How long does it take? ESL/ELD Support ESL Support
received age appropriate educational experiences in their own countries
have developed age apprpriate first language skills
ELD Support
had limited access to schooling
has not had aopportunities to develop age appropriate literacy skills in first language

Where are the ESL programs? Elementary:
City programs:
Prince Edward (primary)
Gore Hill
Mill Street
Queen Elizabeth
High Schools:
Full ESL/ELD programs at Forster
ESL/ELD classrooms at Leamington
ESL Level C and up at Riverside
ESL Literacy Room at Massey

Accommodations/Modifications for ELLs Accommodations Learning for All When learning expectation for ELLs are
modified, evaluation will be based on the
documented modified expectations. This will
be noted on the RC and explained to parents
When modifications are made the ESL box on
the RC will be checked.
Section 2.8.2, p. 27 SWIS http://www.cp-pc.ca/
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