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My American Dream Project

No description

Ashley La

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of My American Dream Project

Wipada La
My mother arrived in the U.S. in 1994 at the age of 23 for a UCLA extension class. What was anticipated as a 3 month trip ended up being a 17 years and counting stay. She does not have anything against the country, but if she could go back home to Thailand she would. However, she stays here for her responsibilities she has like taking care of me.
Thailand is a free country with many similar opportunities as America. Her family is still over there and she plans on moving back after I finish my schooling.
American Dreams
The La family
My father's side of the family came to America in September of 1983 from Vietnam. It was always a dream of my grandparents to escape because they were terrified of the communism. They were able to come by my grandmother's generous brother. He paid for plane tickets for my grandparents and their 5 children to come to the states. He did this right after my grandfather was released from jail from previously attempting to flee the country by having the whole family jump on boats. Unfortunately, they were caught and dragged back to the country.

My grandparents American dream was to live on a land with the safety of no communism. They also wanted their children and future generations to be protected and have the benefits that America could offer for them.

The Leelerdpong Family
My grandparents spent many years of school and medical hours here in America but eventually went back home.
Dan La (My father)
When the La family arrived in America in 1983, my dad was only 12 years old and still went by the name Dai La. With poor English skills, he was thrown into the American public school system. He had the opportunity to go to school but did not do well and ended up working many blue collared jobs all the way up until around the age of 40 when he had the opportunity to go back to school on a scholarship from President Obama.
So our country helped my father to his feet and achieve his American dream.
Ashley La
Born on July 28, 1997 at Garfield hospital, I was the second largest and heaviest baby there. Although my birth may have trapped my mother here in the states, my parents are glad I have an opportunity to have and live my own American dream.

I expect to live life fully and to make my passion into a profession. As many other females are doing today, I am delaying the family life to go after my profession, but I do however still want that in my life.

The Definition of the American Dream:
One's desire to have the opportunity to climb the social ladder based on will and hard work.
Thousands of people dreamed of this life. People from all over the world hopped on boats and planes running to the quest on a better life.

An example of this is the story of paper sons. Many poor chinese citizens were so desperate to achieve a better life for either themselves or their families went to desperate measures to enter the country. They created a system that tricked the American government which is known as "the paper son". Chinese immigrants before 1940 used this technique to sneak in and find their dreams.
What my family wanted
-freedom, no communism
-well paying jobs
-education for my dad and his 4 sisters
Unlike my parents, I would much like to stay in America and accomplish my dreams. What I enjoy most is marching band. Fortunately, being born in America means that I was born in the home of the world best bands and drum corps. Unlike other countries, almost every school has some sort of band.

-After graduating from Temple City High school, I plan to attend my dream school,
Cal State Northridge as a music education major. With the completion of my bachelors,
-I plan on working at a public school elementary school while I work on achieving my Masters degree in Conducting at USC.
-With a Masters degree, I then have the opportunity to become a band director at a public high school. However, my dream job is to be a director of bands at a university leveled school. This requires me to accomplish a PH.D. which I plan on achieving also at USC in conducting.
How I Will get to My Dream
The Personal Life of my American Dream
I don't want to be a millionaire or own a Ferrari. But I want comfort and happiness
-A nice clean home
-Marriage with kids
-Reasonable job where I have time for myself and my family.
-Time to make some music
How this is similar to other Americans..
Many people come to this country for education.
Currently there are over 800,000 foreign students in the U.S., benefiting off of their the free public education or the big named Universities.
Another example of people who craved the American dream are the Latinos. There are many racist jokes and comments about the Mexicans who jump the boarder, but to them this is a very serious matter. So many of them cross the boarder between Mexico and America in search of a better life for them and their children. They are known as hard labor workers here in America but they work to make the money to support their family. Part of the American dream. Having the opportunity to get paid for what they do at the reasonable price.
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