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I dont want to do this

No description

Ben Smeagol

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of I dont want to do this

Example of funny content from Imgur
Imgur is a social media web site where you can see funny, cute, or disturbing images, but is still great content none the less. It's kind of like Instagram, but you see pictures from everyone, and selfies aren't allowed with exceptions of selfies that imply a certain joke.
What is "Imgur"?
Imgur's official green tiddle from the I in Imgur.
It's really popular. It was made in 2009 as a simple project launched in someone named Alan S' dorm room at university. Starting with nothing but to look at funny images, and gifs, but is now almost the same0
How popular is Imgur?
Imgur isn't called the Simple image sharer for no reason. To use it, you just click on an image and then you only have to use the keyboard to browse the images.
How it's used.
Effects of Social Media
Advantages to imgur is it's HIGHLY entertaining, but it's disadvantages are it's HIGHLY entertaining. It's a hugetime user. The main reason for my procrastanation

How easy is it to get personal information
On imgur it's not very difficult to get personal information as you only share images and selifes are seldom posted.
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