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Google vs. China

It is important to notice, that it was Krisztína Fekete who made this presentation, I just put in to "prezi" :)

Miklos Marvany

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Google vs. China

How many of you use the internet on a daily basis? „…a limited set of information is better than no information at all…“
GOOGLE vs. CHINA What is waiting for you… The past
Golden Shield Project
Google is smarter!
Different reactions
USA-China relationship (or who is depending on who?)
A nearly 4-year bet ended
The past China – copyright – book project, internet law
USA – internet security, human rights, violation of the
free flow of information
Personal information of Chinese dissidents kept on Chinese servers
Internet law
Imprisonment of a Chinese journalist
Protesting of human right activists The Golden Shield Project Great FireWall of China
Limit the access, monitor online activity
The Big Brother
Freedom, liberty – restricted area
The irony in this project
„Green Dam – Youth Escort“
Google is smarter 2 kinds of services:
- www. google.cn
- Sensitive information off-shore

„the hacker brigade“ looping in

criticism of the USA
Not firm enough against the Chinese censorship
Different reactions 1. GOOGLE
Official help from the NSA (National Security Agency)
Unofficial help: In-Q-Tel, Keyhole / Google Earth
„The internet has already been a source of tremendous progress in China. There are so many people online in China. But countries that restrict free access to information are violating the basic rights of internet users, risk walling themselves off the progress of the next century.“
CHINA: He Yafei, vice Foreign Minister
„When there is content concerning national security and unhealthiness, Internet supervision is normal. No matter what country, there is always supervision, and China is no exception.“

USA – CHINA relationshipor who is depending on who? Falling economy vs. Superpower
(Who helped China?)

Debt of 700 billion USD
The vision of China
USA – CHINA relationship - or who is depending on who? Falling economy vs. Superpower
Who helped China?

Debt of 700 billion USD
paying your mortgage with your credit card

They need each other as we need air & water
USA´s debt
China´s exports A nearly 4-year bet ended… March 2010 – google.cn stopped working
Google´s goal not reached!
Hong Kong
Will China miss Google?
Google 33% - Baidu 63%
Fans mourning – wreaths
To put it into a nutshell… The past (Yahoo)
Golden Shield Project
Google is smarter!
(Or at least they thought they could trick the Chinese)
Different reactions (Hillary Clinton vs. He Yafei)
USA-China relationship (or who is depending on who?)
Debt, export
A nearly 4-year bet ended
Hong Kong, goal of Google
Thank you for your attention! Questions
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