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Gabby Picazo

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Transcendentalists

Gabi, Jamal, Osvaldo
1) What is their views of God?
2) what are their values?
3) How do they define the truth?
4) Do they have an optimistic or pessimistic view on life? Cite Evidence
5) What are their views of work and worldly success?
6) What is their society like?
7) Who is their authority ?
8) What is their view of education?
9) Do they view man as inherently good, evil, or somewhere in between? cite evidence

1)What Is their view on God?
They see god in another perspective. They believe in a force. (Like star wars) God ; The universal being
2)What are their values?
Trenscendentalists see/think more then what is physicaly there.
3)How do they define the truth?
Transcendentalist define as a higher order of thinking that is divinely inspired.
4)Do they have a optimistic or pesimistic view on life?
They looked at nature to find ultimate truth yet they missed the dark aspect of nature because they only saw the positive.
"morning brings back the heroic ages"
remebering the good times in the past.
Modern Connection
People remembering the past in good and bad thing that have happened.
"The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet" -Ralph Waldo Emerson.
People are very dependent on other things.
Modern Connection
Cell Phones make communication easier rather then sending letters.
5) What are their views of work and worldly success?
Unitarion placed a premium on stability, harmony, national thought, progressive ,classical learning and other hall north of enlistment.
6) What is their society like?
People should basiclly live like the native americans did, peacefully in harmony with hardly
7) Who is their authority?
They see Ralph Waldo Emerson as their leader.
8) What is their view of education?
They want education to reach the protical and moral.
9) Do they view man as inherently good, evil, or somewhere in between?
Transcendentalist believe man ia naturally good. They do not believe in evil.
"Transcendentalism, An American Philosophy." u.s. history/org. independent hall association, 2013. sun. 8 september 2013.
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