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The Great Gatsby Presentation Movie vs. Book

No description

Manjeet G

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Presentation Movie vs. Book

Nick Carraway

Tom and Nick
Gatsby's Fit
Tom Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan

Jay Gatsby

He does not fall in love with Jordan Baker.
He is a meek, awkward background character.
He is aggressive, buff, and self absorbed.
He has beady, judgemental eyes
In the movie, it is clear that Tom tells Wilson to avenge his wife's murder by killing Gatsby
Jordan Baker

She appears to be an innocent person but is actually extraordinarily selfish in her actions.
Her voice does not "ring like money" in the movie; she speaks sweetly.
The audience discovers Daisy's true endeavors at the very end of the movie.
The way that he acts in the book (facial expressions, reactions, etc.) is portrayed extremely effectively in the movie.
He watches Nick through his window before they officially meet.
He has a violent outburst at the Plaza Hotel when provoked by Tom.
She is tall, glamorous, and clearly thinks highly of herself.
Her loving relationship with Nick is nonexistent in the movie
East Egg vs West Egg

It is clear that Gatsby will never be able to fit in with people like Tom no matter how much money he has.
East Egg and West Egg were never defined as "old money" and "new money" islands in the movie.
"You can't repeat the past."
Failure of the American Dream
Material Prosperity
There is a stark difference between the East and West Eggers.
Some people have more power than others.
Gatsby has access to every material item that he could ever hope for, but it is still not enough to make him happy.
Pursuing, Pursued, Busy, and Tired
In both the movie and the book, nobody is satisfied with what they have.
For example, Gatsby has achieved the American dream but still is not happy.
Gatsby Dies
Within and Without

The Party
The green light represents Gatsby's hope for being with Daisy.
The weather and seasons reflected the mood of the story.
Meyer Wolfsheim

The green light keeps its significance.
A snake is shown on the banister of Gatsby's house.
Mr Gatz does not come to Gatby's funeral.
Nick is calling Gatsby's phone when he dies.
In both the movie and the novel, Wolfshiem effectively attempts to convince Nick that Gatsby is a good person
In the movie, there was no anti-Semitism indicated by Wolfsheim unlike his depiction in the novel
Gatsby's Parties
The parties at Gatsby's are embellished and extravagant
"Everyone goes to Gatsby's parties."
"Within and Without"
The same point is made in this section.
The visual component that the movie offers, illustrates Fitzgerald's perspective in terms easy to understand.
The Sanitarium
Nick writes "The Great Gatsby" while inside a sanitarium
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