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SXSWedu2017 Next Gen Professional Learning

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Dany rossman

on 21 July 2016

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Transcript of SXSWedu2017 Next Gen Professional Learning

When it comes to student performance … a teacher is estimated to have
three times
the impact of any other school factor, including services, facilities, and even leadership

The mindset that a classroom teacher's roles and responsibilities are limited to
planning instruction
delivering instruction
assessing student learning
, and
managing the classroom environment
is outdated
The “old way” does not take into account the innovative learning models being implemented in today’s classrooms
Successful educators in a personalized, learner-centered setting should be able to:

Utilize in-depth understanding of content and learning progressions to engage learners and lead individual learners toward mastery.
Have knowledge of the sub-skills involved in effective communication and apply it to instructional strategies that develop learners into effective communicators.
Demonstrate an orientation toward and commitment to a personalized, learner-centered vision for teaching and learning.
Facilitate and prioritize shifting to and maintaining a learner-centered culture.
Engage in deliberate practices of adapting and modeling persistence and a growth mindset.
Demonstrate an orientation toward and commitment to lifelong professional learning.
Analyze evidence to improve personal practices.
Design, strengthen, and participate in positive learning environments that support individual and collaborative learning.
Build strong relationships that contribute to individual and collective success.

Use a mastery approach to learning.
Seek appropriate individual or shared leadership roles to continue professional growth, advancement, and increasing responsibility for student learning and advancement.
Use assessment and data as tools for learning.
Customize the learning experience.
Promote student agency and ownership with regard to learning.
Develop and facilitate project-based learning experiences.
Use technology in service of learning.
So how do we rethink our professional learning systems to accommodate this monumental shift?
*Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-centered Teaching

Next Gen Professional Learning:
Competency based
Takes place anytime, anywhere
Gives teachers agency and ownership over their learning
More than 80% of teachers participate in in-service days, and more than half in educator work- shops – but only 20% are satisfied with them
Digital Promise “Making Professional Learning Count"
Teachers want professional development that improves their teaching and their skills, so we should allow them to identify specific competencies they wish to develop
By focusing on evidence of learning, rather than the place where that learning occurs, Next Gen Professional Learning acknowledges that educators will learn new skills in a variety of formal and informal contexts over the course of their careers
To take full advantage of these opportunities, teachers need new ways to document, share and be recognized for what they learn, including using these new methods
We want to hear from you! What should Next Gen Professional Learning look like?
Co-teaching (master teachers paired with new teachers)
Collaborative inquiry (professional learning communities
Self-directed inquiry
Distributed leadership
These opportunities could include:
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