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The Hero's Journey

We will be able to define the archetype of a hero's journey as well as concrete examples of the hero's journey.

Carly Smyth

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

By Joseph Campbell (with modifications by Chris Vogler!) The Hero's Journey The Hero is not comfortable in their world. They know something is wrong & that something must be done about it. Stage One: The Ordinary World An event or circumstance disrupts the comfort of the Hero’s Ordinary Life and presents a challenge, question, or choice. Stage Two: The Call to Adventure Hero refuses and/or is reluctant to take the journey presented to them. Often the Hero feels fear of the change that the adventure presents. Stage Three: Refusal of the Call Stage Four:
Meeting the Mentor The mentor helps the Hero to gain confidence, insight, advice, training, or given special/magical gifts.
Receiving the Special Item: Often Stage Four will include the Hero receiving a Special/Magical item such as a sword, wand, light saber, etc. The Hero finally commits to the journey/adventure. All their preparation is over. Now the Hero is really setting out on the adventure, leaving the Ordinary World for the Special World. Stage FIVE: CROSSING THE THRESHOLD Example: When Dorothy enters a world full of color and realized she's "not in Kansas anymore." Stage SIX:
Tests, Allies, Enemies The Hero experiments in their new world. Learns about their new world in order to survive and prepare for the greater Ordeal. They gain more skills, powers, and further training. This stage tests the Hero’s commitment to the journey. Meeting the Queen, Goddess, or Prophetess: This is often part of Stage Six where the Hero is given additional information or insight from a female figure. The Hero is deeply involved and invested in the new world, and getting ready to face the big question, battle, or struggle. Set backs often occur during this stage in order to help the Hero prepare for the final Ordeal.

Ex: LOTR - Mount Doom Stage Eight:
The Ordeal The moment when the Hero faces their greatest fear. It may involve facing death. Here the Hero gains their greatest power and insight to see the journey to the end. Stage Seven: Approach/Preparation The Hero receives their pay-off. They survived death, overcome their greatest fear, slain the dragon, made it through. Stage nine: the reward The Hero has to collect himself or herself and begin their road back to the Ordinary World. May be difficult, may need an event or circumstance to force the return. Stage TEN: the road back STAGE ELEVEN:
THE RESURRECTION The Hero has to face death one more time, on a bigger scale. So they are really being tested on everything they’ve learned on the journey so far. Here is where the Hero brings together all sides of himself, from both the new and old world. The Hero is resurrected, purified, and earned his/her right to be accepted back into Ordinary World. In addition the Hero must bring back the skills, wisdom, and information they acquired in the Other World.

The hero has changed and can never go back to the way they were. Stage twelve: the return Example: The Wizard prepares a hot air balloon for Dorothy to return to Kansas, but Toto runs off, and Dorothy runs after him. Therefore, Dorothy is left behind in Oz to find her own way back home. Even though her return won't be easy, she's now capable of finding a new way. Example: Shrek wants to save his swamp, but he is reluctant to save Princess Fiona for the king.
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