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With Friends Like These ...

No description

Erza Azure

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of With Friends Like These ...

Bonds Between Us
With Friends Like These ...
In the passage "With Friends like These..." the author talks about the every day bonds between friends and how the relationship can sometimes go south. Dorothy Rowe gave suggestions to readers on how they should handle the situation when it occurs. She believes that when you get yourself into that problem, you should stay neutral and contain your emotions.
In conclusion, authors in both articles showed the bonds between humans. In "With Friends Like These..." the author encouraged a neutral bond amongst friends so the friendship doesnt go unbalance. In the comic "Persopolis 2", the author showed the negative bond between women and society. Both pieces showed an idea on how humans should act, the article presented an idea of man vs. man and the comic presented an idea of man vs. society. The author of "With Friends like These..." told us to remain a neutral outlook on things when involved in man vs. man and the author on the comic felt that an opinion is always needed in man vs. society.
Thank you!
The quotes from the comic shows what Muslim women was forced to wear, and the restrictions they must abide by to not be whipped by the committee. Imagine, having to make sure strands of hair wasn't out of your veil, your pants were long enough, your wrists aren't showing too much, or you don't have a personality that's too loud. to be focused on such petty stuff, cause you to lose sight of what's going on. Prioritizing these small things, makes you blind to the unfairness all around you. You have no time to ask yourself 'Is this really fair?' "Why am I treated this way?' because your too busy worrying. You CANT apply having a neutral attitude in this situation, because even that would be judged. What must we do in this type of situation, with these kind of negative bonds?
Quotes from : Persopolis 2: The Story of a Return
"It hinged on the little details. To our leaders, the smallest thing could be a subject of subversion. Showing your wrist. A loud laugh. Having a walkman. In short... Everything was a pretext to arrest us."
Quotes from "With Friends Like These ..."
"Because we cannot see reality directly, all our ideas are guesses about what is going on. Thus our sense of being a person is made up of these guesses. All the time we are creating ideas about who we are, what is happening now, what has happened in our world, and what our future will be. When these ideas are shown by events to be reasonably accurate, that is, our ideas are validated, we feel secure in ourselves, but when they are proved wrong, we feel that we are falling apart."

"We need to find friends whose individual world is somewhat similar to our own so that we are able to communicate with one another."
With Friends Like These...
To further describe the quotes in second to last slide, it shows the author's idea of how relationships are formed, from guesses. These guesses are made from our observations of the person. Then we formulate the probability of certain actions of that person. When the person doesn't meet our expectations we usually become upset. But the author is telling us not to be upset,and maintain a neutral composition, because we are not seeing the reality of the person we are only basing our perception of them off your observations. When the person supports your views, and shares common beliefs with you, then you are essentially seeing them in their actually.
Persopolis 2: The Story of a Return
"The regime had understood that one person leaving her house while asking herself: Are my trousers long enough? Is my veil in place? Can my make up be seen? Are they going to whip me? "

" No longer asks herself : Where is my freedom of though? Where is my freedom of speech? My life, is it livable? What's going on in the political prisons? "
This series of comic panels indicate the struggles of Muslim women. They had to wear long black robes past their ankles and wrists, not wear makeup, tied their hair back in a hijab, and not stand out too much. The author of these panels describes how she struggles to not be seen by the committee, to be judged on her appearance by them.
Persopolis 2: The Story of a Return
Li Hong Zeng, Suki Kuang, Christal Jean-Soverall
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