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Chapter 3. Print Media: Books, Newspapers, and Magazines

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Ramon Flores

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 3. Print Media: Books, Newspapers, and Magazines

Print Media
Print Media represent the beginning of mass communications.
Functions Of Newspaper

- The daily newspaper in the u.s consists of 60% advertising and about 40% editorial text
Informing the Public
- Surveillance, Informing the public for important events, as well to entertain the reader.
Local vs. National
-Tends to cover local communities, the activities of local government,business, religion etc... they also keep it to serve as public communications between communities.
- Tend to cover international events, as well as issues. The leading national newspaper cover the wall street journal they cover businesses and finances.
Distinctive Functions of Magazines
Three factors of that most distinguish magazines and newspapers
History of Magazines to Today
-1731 "The Gentleman's Magazine" was the first magazine.
-1741 The first American magazine was published "American Magazine"
-1811 The first newsweekly magazine was "Niles' Weekly Register".
-1880 Miriam Leslie becomes one wealthiest and powerful women in journalism.
-1888 Debut of National Geographic.
-1906 National Geographic introduced color plates.
-1936 Life Magazine first introduced.
History Of Newspapers
740 CE- First printed newspaper Beijing china
1620 First English language newspaper
1665 First issue of the Gazette
1690 First newspaper published in what is the United states.
1784 First daily newspaper in the U.S
1971 Went from hot metal letterpress to to offset spring
1982 USA today founded

Chapter 3. Print Media: Books, Newspapers, and Magazines
Current Magazine Industry Issues
Sales and Readership of Magazines
Outlook for Magazines
Current Newspaper Industry Issues
What Are Newspaper Chains?
Outlook For Newspapers
Print Media is books, newspapers, and magazines. Each serve many social functions.
Books, teach not only how to do things,
but explain what is known about the arts,
literature, history, social and natural
Newspapers keep us informed of least events, news, features and many more.
Magazines give us knowledge of specific fields or hobbies.
1st. Magazines tend to feature more long-form
writing. Ex: news, analysis, features, and
human-interest articles
2nd. Magazines are published at regular
intervals but tend to be published less frequently than newspapers.
3rd. Magazines often have been published on high-quality than newspaper and are often designed to be kept considerably longer than daily.
Time Frames
Sumerians of 3500 BCE were a bit limited to the printer (joke, now laugh)
Egyptians created the first book which was the Book Of The Dead
China later made its mark in history by creating block printing
1455 Germany had the first mechanical printing press
Where it all began
Printing press was the key factor in the growth of the Renaissance culture
Literacy was not universal
Entering the 1800's many questionable topics were part of the early textbooks
Back then the dominant group generally decided on what subjects were controversial
Distinctive Functions
of books
Compiling knowledge, values, and at one point shaping our beliefs
Vintage records
-1940-1950 Public general-interest in magazines and newspapers declined because of advertising went to TV.
-1945 John H. Johnson start Ebony magazine.
-Magazine industry individes into several major topic areas "Market Classifications "
Ex: News, Fashion, Women, Families, Sports, Ethnic, Medical/Health, Political, Farm, and Lifestyles.
Most known publishers went from print to online only because the recession in 2010.
Circulation - Dissemination of printed material, especially copies of newspapers or magazines, among readers.
Every year hundreds of new magazines titles are published, most do not survive more than two years.
Circulation and Advertising revenue were both down 2010, ads pages sold 0.1% and Newsstand sales decline also.
Top magazines target specific audiences, they cover subjects, in depth, with quality.
Magazines industry are pressured but continue to maintain some important advantages over newspapers.
Print published on paper will never disappear but it will to cheap paper in the near future.
Newspapers and magazines are drastic changes brought on the digital media.
Use of paper has increased, availability of photocopiers and cheap printers.
Printers today use recycled paper and tree pulp for paper, pulp mills are some of the worst polluters among modern industries.
Economic with full color pages and high quality paper but expensive to produce.
Newspaper functions Act of 1970 was placed because there use to be more than two newspapers competing.
Internet is growing, it goes digital
If not done properly and the add different tones or bright colors, they might confuse the reader
It's a viable approach for businesses where they own a couple of newspaper businesses and they share information between each other
Newspaper chains use to be owned by family's, now the small independent business have been bought by major businesses
The benefits for smaller struggling newspapers is gaining access to the entire chain.
Current Book Industry Issues
There is at least three significant trends affecting the business of book sales
Cost Associated
Book publishing industry
Book sales and distribution
Cheaper and Smaller Books
Wider Distribution
Lower Cost
Outlook for Books
Changes brought by digital media have affected other industries as greatly as book publishig
Remarkable growth in ebook sales
Downloaded audio books increase 38.8 percent in 2010 to $81.9 million, while physical audio books fell 6.3 percent to $134.3 million
March 2011, HarperCollins announced a changed in policy towards libraries
Understanding audiences better is a key concept and aswell as an issue.
Newspapers are considering a different types of revenues.
24/7 news might even compete with news magazine
What year did National Geographic debut?
A. 1888
B. 1932
C. 3211

What magazine did John. H Johnson start?
A. 1945
B. 2000
C. 1934
D. 1765
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