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No description

Cassidy Fischer

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of JEEP

JEEP: NorthStar
Situational Analysis
For years, Jeep has been selling a lifestyle, and a vehicle, to people who want to be, or already are, adventurous. Jeep uses advertising that is going to target adventurous people: their target audience.
Category Review
The major challenge Jeep has is breaking through the barrier as the #1 off-road SUV
SWOT Analysis
Target Market
Urban upper middle class individuals
Young & adventurous people
Land Rover Sport 2014
2014 Lexus LX
Strong image & brand reputation
Iconic design which is synonymous with its name
Name stands for adventure which easily communicates its utility
Strong off-roading capabilities
The brand has also diversified in apparel for lifetyle
High price compared to competition
Low penetration globally among the relevant people
Perspective of having dated design with no major improvements over a long period of time
Increasing fuel prices
Macro-economics factors which discourage purchase of new vehicles especially for people who would buy through credit
Electric vehicles which can provide similar type of adventure with lower cost of running
Has been in the off-roading business since 1945
Inspired similar brands such as Land Rover
Jeep has been able to keep their authenticity while growing with the market
Brand Story
Creative Brief
Computer-based GPS that can help people get to their adventurous side
Target Audience: people who want to take their Jeeps to the next level
We want to make people feel as though they can't drive a Jeep without this product
Strategic Recommendations
Promotion: Create an event where people are able to try out the product, unveiling NorthStar along with a new Jeep that is going to be produced, linking the NorthStar with a music sensation
Cobranding: Partner with a technology brand that could help create NorthStar
Brand Extension: Create an app that could benefit the GPS in special ways
New Product Catergories: NorthStar could be created into an entire car computer system
They can look for technology partners who can help advance their technologies
They should enter growing markets with lower cost models where they can get larger volumes
They can further leverage their brand name & legacy which is known across their globe
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