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The Thief Lord

No description

Angelia Crouch

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of The Thief Lord

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke Characters:
Proper and Bo
Scipio (The Thief Lord)
Hornet, Riccio and Mosca
Ester and Victor
The Conte The title made the story mysterious. It's the nickname of Scipio and he is the lord of his gang. The setting is Venice. The small, narrow
streets and canals created suspense. Prosper and Bo's mom dies and they are left in the custody of their Aunt Ester who only wants to adopt Bo. Bo and Prosper escape to
Venice and meet Scipio and his
gang. Ester hires Victor, a
private detective to
find the boys. Prosper and Bo learn
that Scipio steals from
wealthy houses to support his friends.
They also find he is the Thief Lord. Barbarossa, a pawnshop owner, hires
Scipio and his gang to steal a wooden wing
for a client named "The Conte". The kids try to find out why
the Conte wants this wing so badly, while being
chased by Victor, the private detective. They find that the wing
belongs to a horse on an old carousel with mysterious magical powers. I really enjoyed this story
because the author created
suspense using the dark shadows
and old buildings of Venice as a
setting. I wanted to find out who "The Conte" was and why he wanted the wooden wing. I learned more about the
history of Venice like how the city was
built on pilings in the bay and that many
buildings are sinking.
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