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Mise En Scene - As

STC - w/c 24/9/12 (SPECIAL FX AT END - REVISE)

Gary Keller

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Mise En Scene - As

MISE EN SCENE A french term meaning:
"PLACING ON A STAGE" 2 Main things to ask yourself:
WHAT is in shot and,
HOW is it in shot? THE DOMINANT ELEMENT What is your eye drawn to immediately This is the DOMINANT ELEMENT in this shot It is a micro feature - what does it DENOTE? What does it CONNOTE? COMPOSITION Where an element is placed in the shot can affect meaning Friendly Chat? Or being watched? COMPOSITION Rule of thirds Goodfellas (Scorsese, 1990) This can help to identify whats important in a shot When dealing with Mise en Scene 6 things to consider : - Where the action takes place, locations or studios - Day, night dusk, spotlight, shadows etc - Body langauge, performance, facial expressions - Including hats, hair, makeup - items that are significant in a scene, guns, glasses, chair etc - Is there an overall colour or pockets of various colours Lighting Character Costume Props Setting Colour Design So many things, how do you start looking? Composition 2 By placing a subject in the middle of the shot = they are important Composition 3 How close is the camera to the subject? Close and intimate or Far away and lonely? Composition 4 Foreground information Background information Which is more important here? Characters:

Body Language
Facial expressions
Placement in relation to other characters Finally:

What was your initial reaction to a scene?
That can be a great place to start and then go looking for the micro features to back it up! Task In groups go out and take 1 photo with at least 2 of these micro features to convey your message Blackberry or iphone
be respectful of other lessons
You'll need to explain your choices to the group. Movie Studios and independent film makers spend millions on movies Everything in shot has a meaning or reason for being there SPECIAL EFFECTS!!* *Not just big explosions Film Stocks - Black and White can be used for flashbacks. Colour tints and film warps - Certain colours connote certain feelings, also use of grain and warped film stock can heighten on screen emotions Split Screen - In order to keep an eye on multiple story threads at once. But when and why do producers use it?
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