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Divergent Faction Test

Complete your own divergent faction test. Which faction will you choose?

Jared Laberge

on 10 July 2017

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Transcript of Divergent Faction Test

You sit in the school cafeteria, nervously wringing your hands. Hundreds of students are lined up on either side of you. Today is THE day. Today’s test will decide your future. You hear your name over the crackling intercom, get up, and make your way to an examination room. Once inside the room, you drink a vial of clear liquid, as instructed. Scenarios begin to play in your head – it is a typical day in your life. How you respond is essential. THE TEST BEGINS.
CANDOR: In one word, you are honest. By definition, candor are “frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression.” You believe there is a right and wrong answer for every situation. Your friends see you as truthful and just, but at times rude and blunt. You hate liars and cheats.
ERUDITE: In one word, you are intelligent. By definition, erudite are “characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly.” You believe there is a logical solution to every problem. Your friends see you as clever and hardworking, but at times arrogant. You hate ignorance.
AMITY: In one word, you are friendly. By definition, amity is “friendship; peaceful harmony.” You get along well with others, and prefer to solve problems through consensus. Your friends see you as sociable and fun, but at times flighty. You hate conflict and aggression.
ABNEGATION: In one word, you are selfless. By definition, abnegation is the “act of denying oneself some rights, conveniences, etc.” for the benefit of others. You enjoy helping others and never put yourself first. Your friends see you as generous and noble, but at times weak. You hate selfishness.
DAUNTLESS: In one word, you are courageous. By definition, dauntless are “fearless; intrepid; bold.” You believe in facing every problem head on. Your friends see you as brave and adventurous, but at times aggressive and forceful. You hate weakness.
Your eyes open slowly, still groggy from not getting enough sleep. You want to hit the snooze button, but force yourself to get up anyway.
1. You sit up and look into your mirror across the room. You recognize your face, but who is inside has changed over the past few years. If you were to describe yourself in one word, it would be:
a) honest.
b) intelligent.
c) friendly.
d) selfless.
e) courageous.
2. You move to your closet, pull out some clothes, and throw them on your bed. You look down at what you’ve chosen. If you were to describe your look/style, it would be:
a) classic and simple – most likely black and white.
b) professional – you prefer shades of blue.
c) easy going and relaxed – bright colours are your favourite.
d) plain and simple – grey is best to avoid attention.
e) unique, with room to show off your tattoo – your colour is black.
3. After you finish getting ready, you sigh, pick up your textbooks and finish packing your backpack. Wanting an easy day at school, you hope your teacher will:
a) read out loud or give a powerpoint presentation (visual/auditory).
b) get you to read the textbook or write notes (logical/mathematical).
c) give a group project (interpersonal).
d) let you work on your own (intrapersonal).
e) do an activity instead of sitting in a desk (kinesthetic).
4. You grab a bite to eat as you run out the door and hurry to get to school. From out of nowhere, you hear a voice demand that you give up your wallet/purse! As adrenaline rushes through your body, you:
a) turn to them and explain what they’re doing is illegal, and what the consequences will be.
b) plan the best escape route, and call the police.
c) give them what they want, then call a friend for help.
d) give them what they want; they need it more than you.
e) prepare to fight, chase down your attacker, and make them regret it.
5. Realizing it’s only a friend pulling a joke on you, you try to calm your heart, which feels like it’s about to beat out of your chest. As you walk into school, you hear the warning bell go off. Thankfully, your first class is your favourite subject. You turn down the main hallway and head to:
a) Mathematics/Law.
b) Science/History.
c) Drama/English.
d) You don’t have a favourite class.
e) Physical Education.
6. Today’s lesson was quick. After the teacher hands out the assignment, you:
a) get up and argue about your mark with the teacher.
b) complete the assignment on your own.
c) talk with a group of friends.
d) sit quietly in the corner, trying not to bother anyone.
e) carve your name into the corner of the desk.
7. The class stops as you hear a knock on the door. The principal brings in a new student to the class. After introductions, the teacher sits this person next to you. What is the first thing you do?
a) Introduce yourself and explain how the class works.
b) Nothing. You are too busy working on your homework.
c) Strike up a conversation and become friends.
d) Wait to see if they need anything.
e) Throw a ball of paper at them to get their attention.
8. Your next class is Science. Your teacher assigns a group project and lists group members on the board. The class resembles an anthill, as everyone moves around to find their group members. After you get into your group, what is the first thing you do?
a) Start delegating jobs.
b) Get started on the project. You’ll probably do most of the work anyway.
c) Introduce yourself and make new friends.
d) Listen quietly and wait for others to take control.
e) Start fooling around with the person next to you. May as well have fun.
9. Your last class before lunch is Math. Today is a test day. Out of the corner of your eye, you think you see someone cheating on their test. What do you do?
a) Report them to the teacher/tester.
b) You don’t notice. You’re too focused on your own test.
c) Do nothing. But nudge their shoulder and give them a friendly wink.
d) Do nothing. Just ignore them.
e) Lean over and check out their answer. Write it down if it sounds good.
10. The bell rings and you slowly move through the throng of students to the cafeteria for lunch. After 20 minutes, you start to get extremely frustrated with how long the line is taking. You only have 45 minutes, and already half has been spent waiting for your food. What do you do?
a) Complain to the teacher/cafeteria supervisor.
b) You’re not waiting in line. You know how long it usually takes, so you brought your lunch from home.
c) Start chatting with someone in line to help pass the time.
d) Nothing. Stand in line patiently and try not to bother anyone.
e) Push your way to the front.
11. You finally get your lunch and rush to your club meeting. What school club are you a part of?
a) Debate Club
b) Chess Club
c) Student Council
d) Human Rights
e) Sports – Doesn’t matter which one.
12. As you’re rushing down the hall, a foot comes out of nowhere and trips you. Your food flies out of your hand, spilling all over the floor. As you get up, you turn and see your arch-enemy. This student has been a thorn in your side for years. How do you respond?
a) Launch into a loud explanation about why bullying is inappropriate.
b) Outsmart him/her. Analyze his/her behaviour and plan revenge tomorrow.
c) Put the past behind you. Try to make friends.
d) Nothing. Just hope he/she goes away.
e) Tackle him/her to the ground and make him/her pay.
13. Upset, you finally get away and take off down the hallway. You can’t believe the type of people that are allowed into this school. If only people were more like you! You tell yourself that the biggest problem in the world is people who are:
a) liars.
b) ignorant.
c) aggressive.
d) selfish.
e) weak.
14. The bell rings just as you make it to your first afternoon class – History. Today’s lesson is on famous people. To start the class the teacher asks, “Which famous individual do you admire the most?” That’s easy - you have always admired:
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Albert Einstein
c) John Lennon
d) Mother Teresa
e) Joan of Arc
15. Your attention starts to waver when you look across the classroom. The classmate you’ve had a crush on for eternity just looked at you! You’re not sure if he/she was trying to get your attention, or just stretching. What do you do?
a) Go up to him/her and tell them you think he/she is hot.
b) Analyze his/her schedule so you can “accidently” bump into him/her between classes.
c) Get your friends to let him/her know that you like him/her.
d) Nothing.
e) Throw something at him/her to get his/her attention.
16. English is your last class of the day. Today you are studying survival stories. Your teacher poses the question, “If you were stranded on an island, what is the first thing you would do?” You respond:
a) Build a shelter.
b) Find basic survival materials – food and water.
c) Lay on the beach and get a tan.
d) Make sure everyone is okay before you are think about yourself.
e) Make weapons to defend yourself from any predators.
17. You look up to the clock and see it’s almost the end of the day. All you can think about is how irrelevant your classes are. It seems like nothing you learn about is going to prepare you for your future. All you’ve ever wanted to do is become a:
a) Lawyer
b) Teacher
c) Musician/Artist
d) Doctor
e) Soldier
18. After your friend’s practical joke this morning, you decide to take the bus home instead of walking. You sit next to another friend and start talking about the first thing you plan to do when you graduate. You plan to:
a) Take a planned tour through Europe.
b) Study for entrance exams.
c) Party with friends – anything goes.
d) Nothing. It’s just another day.
e) Get a tattoo.
19. You dig into your backpack and pull out a book to read for the rest of the ride home. What genre is it?
a) Biography
b) Textbook
c) Fantasy
d) Inspirational
e) Adventure Fiction
20. It only takes another 10 minutes to get to your stop. You get off the bus and start walking the last block to your house. Your friend leans down, grabs a rock, and throws it at an abandoned house next to you. He/She dares you do to the same. How do you respond?
a) Respond with a clear yes/no.
b) Calculate the risk of getting caught, then respond.
c) Give in to peer pressure. Throw the rock.
d) Nothing. Why would you want to damage someone else’s property?
e) Look at it as a challenge. Try to smash something hard to hit.
21. You run the rest of the way home. As you walk through the door, you are greeted by your favourite pet. You own a:
a) cat.
b) parrot.
c) dog.
d) doesn’t matter - as long as it’s a rescue animal.
e) poisonous snake.
22. Your mom hands you an envelope as you run up the stairs. It’s a letter from your Grandma. You’ve been hoping for this for a month. Every year you get a present for your birthday. As you open the envelope, you see $4000! What do you plan to do with the money?
a) Invest it.
b) Pay your tuition for university.
c) Throw a huge party.
d) Donate it to charity.
e) Gamble in Vegas.
23. On the other hand, you could use the money to take a great vacation. What is your ideal vacation?
a) Whistler Ski Resort
b) Washington, DC
c) The Mayan Riviera
d) Kenya
e) New Zealand
24. As you’re dreaming about how much fun it would be to travel, the phone rings. You answer and can’t believe what you’re hearing. Your close friend has been diagnosed with cancer. Upset, you really want to find something you can do to help. What do you do?
a) Tell them the truth about how little time they may have.
b) Research possible cures.
c) Bring gifts and cards.
d) Volunteer at their hospital.
e) Take them skydiving.
25. Feeling frustrated and confused, you need to get out of the house. What is your favourite past time that helps you relax?
a) Discussing your problems over a cup of coffee.
b) Reading a novel.
c) Partying with friends.
d) Volunteering at a local shelter.
e) Going to the gym.
It’s late by the time you finish. As soon as you get to your room you lay down. Exhausted after a long day, your fall instantly asleep. THE TEST IS OVER.
, characters choose a faction/home based on how they respond to a test simulation. This Prezi contains a similar simulation, where your response will help decide your fate. Complete this test to identify WHO you are and WHERE you belong. Keep track of the number of times you respond with each letter.
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