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To create and IDEAL vacation in Australia

This prezi will be about a perfect holiday in Ausralia, completely put together by Michiel de Snaijer

michiel de Snaijer

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of To create and IDEAL vacation in Australia

YOUR perfect holiday in Cairns, Australia
How will the weather be?
How much will it cost all together ?
How long will the holiday be?
Where are fun, cheap activities to do?
Are there any diseases you should be aware of?
Where can you find a hotel, preferred cheap, located in an ideal spot so I can travel to my chosen activities?
Where do you hire a car to travel around?
No Stress
Only relaxation
Holiday with your partner or friend
(18-40 years of age) Are you sick of planning?
Want a perfect holiday?
This presentation is about a holiday to Cairns, Australia is for you!
Four factors When Where Further
information what Your holiday will be from October 16th till October 24th, because:
Temperatures will vary between 29 and 30 celcius,Rainfall and humidity levels are lower
Holidays in October are cheaper as they do not fall during school holidays In and around Cairns:
Above Cairns
Below Cairns
Outside Cairns
In Cairns
Full day with adventure includes swimming in a waterfall lake, seeing plants which are thousands of year's old, huge trees and even some reptiles. Includes a barbeque and visiting a fruit vendor in the middle of the forest, a day to remember!
Lasts from 8am to about 5.30pm
Costs are $159
info@wildernessecosafaris.com http://www.wildernessecosafaris.com 07 40577227

New 25 meter catamaran to travel the reefs
Winner of excellence in 2007
It is a sailing boat, no sound, snorkeling for the first time divers and a terrific meal
Costs are from $129
07 4041 1600

A day of culture experience, face painting on arrival and theatrical performances
Costs are from $33

Fly over the tropics, see the sun rise, and enjoy a champagne breakfast
Best priced flights
Costs are from $195
40399 900

Located from 20 min from Cairns, River Barron
Experience is not necessary
Costs are from $25
+61 7 4030 7990

Fly over the Rainforest or barrier reef, also over Cairns
Everybody enjoys a window seat
Friendly crew
Costs are from $95
Email: bookings@skysafari.com.au http://www.skysafari.com.au

See the city by night, enjoy the sights, enjoy the four course hot & cold buffet
Enjoy live entertainment
2 and a half hour of enjoyment
Costs are from $89
1800 644 227

Spa, swimming pool, tropic pool, barbeque area, all in tropical style
Different room styles, from small to large
Close to all the attractions in Cairns and out of Cairns
Close to the airport
Costs from $80 per night double room
Dinner included
1800 663 396
Global Money exchange, close to hotel
69 Abbott St
Cairns QLD 4870, Australia
(07) 4031 7272 Important vaccinations for Australia, less than one month
Tetanus Website for the request for VISA:
http://www.migrationexpert.com/australia/visa/australian_visa.asp?fid=100036&utm_id=56&utm_term=visa%20australia&gclid=cnc3j_6dkkacfc9k4wod_gsnea Website for travel insurance:
http://www.1stoptravelinsurance.co.uk/?advertid=21008&gclid=CN3ah_eCkKACFZBb4wod0V2Adg Car rental in Cairns:
147 Lake St, Cairns QLD 4870, Australia
(07) 4051 6399 Any Questions?! Travel Agent information:
Michiel de Snaijer
Hibberts way 3
SL9 8UD A hotel in the centre of Cairns, and cheap Hot Air Balloon flight White Water Rafting Sky safari Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park Passions of paradise: For the couples- Romantic dinner cruise Day Safari By: Michiel de Snaijer
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