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WWII: European Theater

No description

Matt Baker

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of WWII: European Theater

WWII: European Theater
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Churchill Reading

- I can analyze the European Theater of WWII

Table of Contents
Page: European Theater
Page: Holocaust

Grab your propaganda sheet from Friday.

Let's discuss the role of propaganda in the war.
European Theater Background
- Britain holding out against the Nazis
- Battle of Britain
- US preparing for war
- Nazis betrayed USSR
- Operation Barbarossa
- Ostfront
- "Lightning War"
- Use speed to hit weak points
- Break through and attack behind enemy lines
- Maginot Line, France
- We are going to war with Ms. Storm's class

- Listen when I am talking
- Participate
- Win
- Nazis believed they were the superior Aryan race
- Attempted to eliminate all Jews, Communists, homosexuals, disabled people, and other non-Aryan groups
- Respectful
- Take notes
- Raise hand to ask questions
- Any disrespect or off-task behavior will cost you points
- How did the first battle go?
- How did the second battle go?
- How did the third battle go?
- What were the differences?
- Why do you think they were different?
Key Battles/Events
1. Choose a partner
2. Choose a battle/event
3. Look up 3 key facts
4. Check them with your teacher
5. Make a poster
6. Be prepared to present your poster
Key Battles/Events
- Stalingrad
- Operation Torch
- Italian Campaign
- D-Day
- Operation Overlord
- Battle of the Bulge
Poster should have:
- Year
- What it was
- What happened
- Significance
- Image
- No blank space
Would you Survive the Holocaust?
- Number your page 1-10
- Answer honestly
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