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Three Skeleton Key

CH 5th period

Ingraham 5

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Three Skeleton Key

Three Skeleton Key Exposition Climax Falling Action Theme The setting is off of the coast of French Guiana. Resolution The people came from a rescue boat thingy and set the barge on fire on top of food in which the rats were on. They went out of the light house and saw that the ship had no one steering it. The rats crashed on the island and chased the tenders up to the light house. The rats were clawing and biting the light house when the rats broke in and started attacking the tenders. They didn't light the light on the 9th night. The theme of the story is to take precautions, and don't give up hope. The situation is that there is a ship approaching the Guiana Coast. Rising Action The characters are Le Gleo, Narrator, Itchoua and the rats. Three Skeleton Key Le Gleo, The narrator and Itchoua were in the light house, when one of them saw a ship sailing for the island. Then the got up to the top of the lighthouse and looked through their telescope and saw that there were some rats. These rats were a certain type of rats. These rats were ship rats, the meanest rats of all. The tenders of the light house were scared that the ship was going to crash on their island. Conflict The conflict was external and rats vs. tenders. Opinion Piece I choose this story because I like the ending and I don't think that it should be changed.
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