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Scholarship Interviewing

An expert approach

Cecilia Batalla

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Scholarship Interviewing

SCHOLARSHIP INTERVIEWING Impressions An expert approach Final Remarks Dress appropriately
Take the lead
Show confidence
Be sincere To do or not to do Not to do To do -Be prepared
-Follow directions of interviewers
-Thank interviewers
-Don't let interview end flat Preparation Find Location
Review application
Be informed of organization
Familiarize yourself with current events
Practice Mock Interviews The Experts Janet Burke
Associate Dean: Barret Honors College
James Hensley
Executive Director: Dorrance Scholarship Program
Missy Pizzo
Senior Director: ASU Undergraduate Admissions
Joyce Medina
Education & Scholarship Manager: ACF
Robin Hengl
Senior Director: Parents Association Scholarship
Marisel Herrera
Director: Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars
Martha Byrd
Advisor to Vice Provost of Enrollment Management Ask the Experts Dressing for Success Elevator Speeches & Groups Get into your groups
Answer every question
Maintain eye contact
Articulate your thoughts clearly
Speak with good volume
Practice proper manners
Be too personal
Nervous ticks
Hide personality
Overuse words
Treat interviews the same Ask the Experts “Unprepared applicants signal a red flag”
- Robin Hengl
“Always a good idea to read up on anything that might be in the news about the topic at hand” -Janet Burke
“I have noticed that sometimes applicants in the waiting areas do not act professionally and this actually impacts how we rank them even though they are unaware that the 'interview' begins as soon as they arrive”
-Robin Hengl Activity 1: Confidence Activity Line up into two opposing lines
Walk to the person in front of you and give them your best handshake
Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the handshake Ask The Experts- Don’ts
“If you are uncomfortable with you, you will make others uncomfortable”
           -Marisel Herrera
“Don't talk about your personal life unless you are asked. This isn't Facebook!”
-Joyce Medina
“Committees quickly catch onto candidates who tell the panel what they think the answer should be, rather than giving the answer that is authentic”
-James Hensley Activity 2: Sample Interviewing Observe the different interviewing demonstrations
Decide and write down which one you think is the best and why
Be prepared to share your response “Interviews where there is laughter are the most memorable”
- James Hensley
“Be confident in who you are, what you've done and what you want to do.”
-Missy Pizzo
“Smile. It makes a huge difference”
-Martha Byrd Ask the Experts- Do’s “Students should exude self-confidence, [they] shouldn't back off something they said if they truly believe it just because they perceive the interviewer might not agree.”

“You may be anxious or stressed, but try to show that you are happy to be there."
-Joyce Medina
“Memorable interviews are the ones where we heard a unique answer” Teams - Janet Burke -Martha Byrd
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