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Copy of Prezi About Prezi: How to use Prezi for College Students.

This is a Prezi presentation on how to use Prezi.

Faisal Ansari

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi About Prezi: How to use Prezi for College Students.

What is prezi ?
Prezi is a non-linear online zooming presentation application that allows you to set up your information in a creative style by linking your ideas together using prezi editing tools. The first step to creating a Prezi is to Prezi is to set up an account at http://prezi.com

So go to the site and sign in using your email and create a password.

Lets Prezi! Prezi Editor Let's start with the prezi editor tool. Prezi Edit/Zoom Mode I can edit my Prezi in "Edit Mode" Here is how. The grid on your Prezi represents the workspace. Always start your Prezi in edit mode. Just click on "edit mode" on the start up menu. Prezi will allow you to write in text, just double click and the text edit will pop up. Your canvas will not zoom in and out while you are editing. WElcome To Professor Lee's Library Research Methods.

In this lecture we will be discussing and learning about an online presentation application called
"PREzi" The Prezi editor control bar also allows you to choose modes of editing. These include individual and group editing sessions. You may "edit together" or "edit Prezi" mode. You may also choose to download your work and save it or delete on the edit menu bar. Below is an example of a YouTube visual tutorial on the basics of Prezi. Also, please visit the following link for examples of great Prezi's. http://prezi.com/uh_7jvp0ykpf/great-jazz-bassists-and-their-influence-through-the-ages/ 1. Design a blueprint for your Prezi and create a structure before you jump right into it. Having a layout on a sheet of paper will make your life easier.

2. Choose a Prezi them before you begin your design.

3. Understand the Bubble tool in all of its facets, these include the Theme button, path, frame, insert and shapes. Know how to navigate these tools will help you to enjoy rather then struggle through Prezi.

4. Lastly, try and aim for a uniform style in all slides. Here are some tips on creating a great prezi. Three (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr The Zebra Tool With the zebra tool, you can edit objects on the zoomable Prezi space. The + and - buttons allow you to zoom in and out. The pencil is used to edit and write. Please visit link below to learn about the Zebra Tool http://prezi.com/learn/transformation-zebra-move-scale-rotate/ The bubble menu below has many key functions that you will use to create your Prezi. These include 1. Theme 2. Path 3.Frame 4. Insert 5. Shapes. Please visit the following link to learn the basics of this tool. http://prezi.com/learn/bubble-menu/ THe Control Bar menu With the contol bar you can save
your work, undo+redo your work,
collaborate with your peers in
meeting and group mode while online
print, get help and exit your
Prezi. Really Neat! The TEXt Box. To use the text
box, double click
anywhere in your
frame and the text
box menu will pop
up.You can write
your text, choose
a color and size
and use paragraph
editing tools as.
Follow this link
for more detail

http://prezi.com/learn/create-text/ The Prezi Zoom Buttons allow you to zoom in and out of the canvas and also to return home. The Zoom and Show Buttons The show button
will give you the
choice to view
your Prezi in show
mode. Just click
on it to start. Zoomable Prezi Space allows you to zoom in and out at any point on the canvas. You can also easily click anywhere on the blank canvas and use the hand to control you space area. The Prezi Learning Center should be your guide to solving Prezi problems so please visit the link below.

http://prezi.com/learn/ THE PREZI LEARNING CENTER You can also use the
Prezi Manual to guide
your decisions about your
Prezi. Please visit
http://prezi.com/learn/manual/ Welcome to Professor. lee's
about prezi presentation. here you will learn
the basics of how to create a prezi presentation

professor lee.
research methods and library science 101.
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